Hi, I’m Jason Gerardo at Gold Key Racquet
Club in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, on behalf of Expert Village. OK, what we do we just
talked about that serve, the T. And, that movement going towards the T, diagonal of
course. Always going forward and not sideways. Very important in doubles. So, were going
to talk to you about right now, is going to talk to you about that jammers serve. It’s
a underrated serve, its a underused serve. That ball should be hit more often in the
body especially in doubles. Look how big this guy is right here. His wingspan is huge right
here. He’s got a great one hander but hey if I handcuff him a little bit. What can we
do with that? So, my movement is this. The ball goes toward the body, I hear that contact.
I see the ball go by, now I start moving forward. So, my server hits it. This is the example
right here. Moving forward. That wasn’t quite the body shot, but that?s okay.

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