Hi, I’m Jason Gerardo at Gold Key Racquet
Club in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona on behalf of Expert Village. I’ve had a lot of fun,
I hope you’ve enjoyed it. What we’ve done here today, in recapping, is we kept it real
simple and that’s the idea that I like to keep. And I like to show you different things
like keeping the core positioning, showing how you have a good shot selection, how to
react, what you want to do before your shots, and what you’ve noticed right here is that
we haven’t kept it very technical at all. We’ve talked about your positioning, we’ve
talked about your shot selection, but it’s not rocket science, so I just want you to
feel comfortable in knowing that anybody can take this on the court with them on a double’s
court. Very, very important, we don’t have to change our strokes, we don’t have to change
our footwork. We’ve just talked about positioning again and we’ve talked about shot selection
and how to react. What we’re doing is we’re working on the strategies, the positioning,
the reaction. These are all things that we can do within our game, without even touching
our strokes, without even touching our footwork. Very, very simple step. Hopefully you have
some success with it.

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