Hi, I’m Jason Gerardo at Gold Key Racquet
Club in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, on behalf of Expert Village. Now, were going over right
here. We’ve gone over the T serve. We’ve gone over the body serve. There’s a very, very
important move you want to make in doubles. And, keep in mind right here this is for all
levels of play. A lot of players will make the mistake of serve goes by just standing
here, not being active. There’s no threat to the returnee that way. So, you want to
feel your holding a presence up here at the net. Your getting in their eye before they
hit their ball. You want them to watch you more than they’re watching the ball. So, this
serve right here is a serve out wide. And, the move right here is real important. A lot
of players will do this, they will just move over here, cover the line and stay there.
Now, you have this whole court to hit into, there’s no pressure on the returnee. So, what
you want to do, you want to make a little zigzag move. I’m going to do it slowly first.
I serve it out wide. My partner serves out wide. I see the ball go in that direction.
I make a move in that direction. I’m covering the line with my body. That shows them they
don’t want to go that way. Once they swing forward, I now move towards the net and I
cover that middle. OK. And, then I go in that direction right there. OK. Now, that?s the
idea. You hold, you take that shot away from them and then you start making that move once
their racquet swings forward.

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3 thoughts on “Tennis Doubles Strategy : Net Position for Serve Return in Doubles Tennis”

  1. Jason. I learn so much from your doubles strategies. They are so practical and it made me a much improved player as a result. Great job. Excellent coaching. you have to pay a lot for these tips

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