Hi I’m Jason Gerardo at Gold Key Racquet Club
in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona on behalf of Expert Village. Now I want to talk to you
about this right here. We talked about shot selection in the last segment and now we are
going to talk to you about your positioning and what you do about different returners.
For example if you have someone who is lobbing you to death on the returning side you might
want to step back a little bit initially to start off. If you take that away from them
visually you’re not going to give up so much. A lot of times when players get lodged they’ll
stay up here the whole time. You’re still giving that up so if you are staying back
here you are giving them less room and you are also giving yourself room to move forward.
For example, I’ve been lobbed a few times in this match. We are in the third set. I’m
playing Dan. I have been playing him since I was 14 so I need to step back here a little
bit and take that away from him. If I come back here and he still tries it, I have a
good chance of getting this shot right here. Now if I had been up here in this area of
the course, that would have been a tougher shot for me, possibly it would have gotten
my server out of position and we might have been not working together so much. Right here
if I’m set back and my partner knows I can get it then they are going to want to come
in a little bit. They are going to be in better positioning right here. I can take my shot
and we can both continue to move forward.

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7 thoughts on “Tennis Doubles Strategy : Net Position After a Lob in Doubles Tennis”

  1. Your not suppose to be in the middle of the court ever! Its a cardinal rule of tennis. Its also known as dead mans land. The best strategy is to have the player at the back get the lob back and simply have the service box player move to the other side to cover. This way each side is always covered and lobs are easily returned.

  2. Jason again you hit it bang on. A lot of players are too aggressive and come up too fast and get lobbed and can not get back. I come in to around the service line most times to prepare if they hit a lob. That way I can still hit an overhead or smash if they lob without running back. If not, I can continue to come in to hit volley and be aggressive and apply pressure. You are a great coach. These points are so practical

  3. @simon44 you are right simon44. It's true for the un seasoned players. But in doubles, the elite players will learn and be able to hit the low half volley when they come up to the service line. This step is not to win the point but to return the ball deep or cover the lob like a stepping stone to continue to come in to hit a smash or volley to end the point. This is only for advanced level play

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