Hi, I’m Jason Gerardo, at Gold Key Racquet
Club in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, on behalf of Expert Village. Now I want to talk to you
about the recovery time off your ground strokes. We talked to you about the recovery time off
your volley, when you’re at the net, when things are happening pretty quickly. We talked
to you about the back court area right here, and people think they have a lot more time,
but it actually isn’t true. If you have somebody at the net, they’re taking half the time away
from you, so you still have to react pretty quickly. What I would like to see you do,
is I would like to see you shorten your swings up a little bit. So if, for example, a return
of serve, shortening that up a little bit and not finishing it too long and watching
your shot again, making sure that you shorten it up, compact swing, get ready for your volley
after that. This could also be the shot after your serve. A lot of times you’ll get a ground
stroke for the shot after your serve, it’s just the idea for moving from back court to
front and keeping your short, nice and compact swings, be able to give you more time to come
in and react for the next shot. Let me show you what I’m talking about right here. We’re
going to compare the two. So we’re going to take a long swing, we’re going to show you
what it looks like on the other side of the court, on this side of the court, then I’m
going to take a short swing, and let you know the benefits of that. So, for example, on
the return of serve, you’re taking too long of a swing, you might lose a little bit of
control plus you’re not having that recovery time that you need. If you have a shorter
swing, for example, you have that compact swing, you’re ready, my ball just goes just
as deep, and I’m ready for my next shot, be able to move forward in a pretty quick manner.

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