Hi I’m bill the tennis Taurus Luca me to
Mexico is our tennis destination pick of the week. We visited this piece of tennis
paradise and here’s what we found Crashing waves, an expensive, lush and
very private peninsula. The Tennis Club with hard in artificial grass courts in
a jungle setting and beaches pools and more beaches. And if you are a golfer
the course has the only natural island hole in the world. The best part, you get
to take an amphibious vehicle there to play out your ball poke Punta Mita is the
full meal deal for tennis players with an amazing club with lots of social
programs and stunning facilities tucked away on Mexico’s Pacific coast, a
definite recommendation for tennis players…My favorite thing about
Punta Mita Mexico was playing in a lush tropical jungle
I’m Bill the Tennis Tourist. Don’t forget to pack your racquet!

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