Now we are going to be talking about choosing
the right backhand for you. If you are starting to play tennis most beginners like to start
with a two hand backhand, why? Because a two hand backhand gives you more power because
you can use two hands and if you are a woman and you are kind of small you also have some
men who have a lot of power. There is one problem with a two hand backhand, that your
feet movement has to be really good at getting the right distance between your body and the
ball and that is what makes it difficult and also you really need to find the right distance
at the right point where you need the ball. The one hand backhand this is not so hard
because you can actually stretch depending on where you are going to be hitting the ball
and it gives you a little more freedom, you are not so restricted at doing always the
same exact movement but the problem with it is that you really have to be strong and it
is also a harder shot to master and it is very hard to master if you don’t have someone
to watch you and help you on what to do. This is the basic deference between a two hand
backhand a one hand backhand you can have both of them, you can use the two hand backhand
when you want to have a more aggressive shot and just have the one hand backhand when you
don’t need a strong hit.

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Dennis Veasley

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