Now we are going to be talking how to do a
forehand. First thing you want to put your left foot in front of you if you are right
handed. It is going to be your right foot in front of you if you are left handed. You
want to bring your racket back. I really like for my students instead of looping up, try
to keep your elbow just back and close to your body when you are getting your racket
back. You also want to get your racket kind of low, try your shot from here, but it is
really going to help to have your elbow close to your body just to keep your racket right
in the position where you want to hit it. Then you want to have your legs just a little
bended, your back straight, you do not want to be bending your back it is not really going
to help you but your body is just a little bent and ready to shot and hit back the ball.
Then you are going to start bringing your racket in front of you, you are going to let
your elbow go, you are going to hit the shot and this is important, you are going to finish
your shot and wrap it up elbow almost under your chin and recover your racket to the ready
position. Come back to the center.

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Dennis Veasley

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