Now we’re going to be learning how to do a
backhand; a one-hand backhand. The difference with the two-hand backhand and the one-hand
backhand is pretty much how the weight distributes in your body. Same thing; you want to have
your right leg in front of you. You do want to have your shoulder on the side but verses
the two-hand backhand where your left hand was really pushing forward; in this shot,
you’re basically going to just go forward with your body. See how all my weight is going
to the right side part of my body which is with one hand, it would be too hard to hit
a backhand. So, I really need to go forward with my body, bring my weight to the front
of my body and then I just finish the shot. Make sure I really, really finish with an
open-shoulder stance and then I come back, recover to center and go back to my ready

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Dennis Veasley

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