Now we’re going to be talking a little about
footwork and shot preparation. As again, you want to always, always start from the center
of the court baseline. Ready position, stay on your toes. When the ball is coming to the;
to your forehand side, you’re going to get first your racquet back. Then you’re going
to run for the ball. Then very important, you’re going to hit the shot and right after
your shot, I know it’s very tempting to be looking at your shot. Oh what happened? What
a beautiful shot. I did it great. You’re losing time. Don’t do that. Do that while you are
recovering to the center of the court. This is very important in tennis. If you’re staying
there watching your beautiful shot instead of recovering, the next shot they are going
to hit it away from you and you might or might not get to that ball. So, again, two very
important things; get your racquet back when you’re going to be hitting your shot and after
you hit your shot, get back to the center as soon as you can.

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Dennis Veasley

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