Now we’re going to be about court positioning,
where you need to be standing, what you need to be doing. You need to be standing on the
center of the base line, right where I am. You need to be in the ready position, the
ready position is pretty much shoulders relaxed, but your two hands in the middle, your knees
slightly bent, your back straight. You always want to have your back straight. If you’re
waiting for the ball, you will want to stay on your toes and bounce over them just a little,
just ready to move just in case. You want to have your two hands here, so when you’re
going to hit a forehand, you can switch your grip to the forehand position, you hit your
shot, you go back to the ready position, to both hands in the center, and then to hit
a backhand, you switch it with the help of your left hand, to your backhand grip and
you hit a backhand. Let me give you an example. The ball, imagine it’s going to come to my
forehand, so I’m going to have my racket ready back to hit it, I hit it, go back to the ready
position, come back to the center as soon as I can. Stay on my toes, ready for the next
ball. Ball comes to my backhand, I switch my grip, hit my shot, and I come back to the
center of the court as soon as I can on the side. And this is basically how you need to
position on the court and how you need to be in your ready position all the time.

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