hi my name is Wendy and I’ve been with
plexus for five years. I wanted to come to a certain place that I’m going
to share some information. I just recently got my certificate for health
coaching which I’m very pleased that I did that. it was a great program and has
given me so much knowledge of how to connect our health and why our
supplements happen to be the best and meet our needs. so what I
did is I have driven I came out to a tennis court. so here I am at this empty
tennis court that is about 40, I want to say 40 yards by 40 yards. okay why am
I here at this tennis court to show anything about it. well your digestive
tract your GI tract is about 300 square meters or a little over 300 so it’s more
than that 300 square feet, square yards. I’m sorry square yards
so this one is 40 times 40 is 160 so we’ve got 160 square yards here, but your
digestive tract is twice the size. if we were to lay it all out we would be able
to cover this tennis court almost twice. okay and what is the purpose or why is
that important to know? well it’s important to know because everything
that you take in through your mouth or through your nose if you happen to like
snort up something you know water and you’re laughing, and but what
you take in through your mouth is a very intimate relationship with your
world with your environment. the food the drink smoke whatever it is that goes
into your mouth is going to go through this digestive system in some format. so
we need to make sure we’re taking care of this system. when we have a system
that’s out of whack it affects us all over. so thinking that I’m pretty healthy
because I don’t have IBS. I don’t have a bad stomach. you know, no worries
about that area that doesn’t necessarily mean that your digestive
tract is really working well. so your digestive tract, all of that stuff that’s
laid out, is supposed to be able to first of all protect everything else in your
body from toxin and things you know foreign invaders that don’t belong there.
it’s supposed to be the place where absorption happens. so we want to know
that we’re absorbing our nutrients well enough. so if any piece of our digestive
tract is out of balance or out of whack, we’re gonna be missing out. we could
become malnourished even though we don’t look like a malnourished person in
our minds. what that would look like. we could be nutrient deficient, vitamin
deficient, even though we don’t look that way. but it’s because we have some
problem going on with our digestive system. so let’s take a look at what it
might look like .hmm we’ve got some cracks here, we’ve got some weeds growing
in. so what happens if you have a crack in your digestive system? well the weeds
aren’t gonna come from outside of you or from your body into your
digestion. what we would be looking at is what we have inside is leaking out into
our bloodstream. and that’s when it becomes a foreign invader and our immune
system says this doesn’t belong here so we need to you know flood an attack we
launch an attack. and so

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Dennis Veasley

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