Cleaning tennis courts can be done With a pressure washer with very specific
tools That will help you do it a lot faster And more effectively. One of the tools that we suggest To clean your tennis court is a surface cleaner. Obliviously pressure washer surface cleaners Can be purchased in different sizes And the difference between the larger diameter
surface cleaners Is that they will clean a larger space More efficiently and more quickly. One thing though that you will find With larger surface cleaners is That you will be using more pressure And more flow to drive those attachments. And sometimes with tennis courts you have
to be careful Because it might be softer clay surfaces Or it might be painted surfaces. And because those surfaces are more delicate You do not want to ruin the surface By using too aggressive of an attachment. And so with that in mind We usually suggest using a smaller surface
cleaner Maybe 18 to 20 or smaller if need be
so That your pressure washer that you are using Does not have so much force on that surface. Another good tool to use for lower pressure
applications Is a water broom. The difference between a surface cleaner And a water broom in cleaning a tennis court Is that a water broom is more intended for As the name suggests more of a sweeping action. Lighter debris such as leaves And some light caked on can be swept away. But it’s not really intended for aggressive
cleaning. So for more aggressive cleaning use a surface
cleaner. If the court is pretty much clean But you just want a light agitation then use
a water broom. And then for those tighter spots and corners And difficult to reach areas we suggest using
a 25 Or 40 degree spray nozzle. The reason is that that spray angle is not
so aggressive. A zero to 15 degree will be very aggressive
on this surface. So using a wider angle will definitely be
something That you would want to do. Some best practices in cleaning is to clean From the center of the court outward So that as you’re cleaning you’re coming from
the center And moving out the radius to the outer edges
of the court. That way you do not have a pooling of that
dirt And grime that you are cleaning off in the
center. Using pressure washer surface cleaners obviously For larger areas would be a good way to go. And then for spot cleaning use your spray
nozzle. It’s always a good idea to use a ball valve When switching between attachments So you can leave your pressure washer on And switch between accessories very quickly
and easily. For painted surfaces we suggest no more than
2000 PSI or less. Again the reason being is that too great of
amount of pressure Those painted surfaces can be harmed And then you will have a tennis court that
does not have The lines or areas painted that You would like them to be. And then we suggest using cold water And possibly introducing chemicals. If you have any areas that might have some
grime or mildew You might want to use a chemical That has a mildew side product. We do sell products like that on our website. So it has an added agent to eradicate that
type of stuff And to get those stains off. But cold water is all you need. Hot water would only be for grease and oil And that type of thing which generally You don’t find on a tennis court surfaces. Of course if you have any questions About any of these attachments or need advice On other things with regards to cleaning your
tennis court Please feel free to give us a call. We’d be more than happy to help.

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. okay I'm just using a regular spray nozzle and hoes but the paint still seems to come up and puddle and drying where the hoes used to be, leaving snake-like trails on the court I'm thinking this is a six year old painted court should I go and get a power washer

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