Okay, how many of you have seen these westerns
where they have the guy shooting at the other guys feet and tell him to dance? Well, this
kind of a tennis version of that. I have Darren right close by me, and I’m right here. I can
be closer to him but this is a good spot. So, I’m going to throw the ball at his feet,
and he’s just going to hit the ball, because one of the biggest problems people have is
they don’t know how to move there feet, but moving your feet isn’t something that you
learn and have forever, you have to train it so it becomes subconscious. That’s why
you’ll see football teams, now these guys are great pros and they do there foot works
drills like that. So, you always have to work on moving your feet so you can do that type
of drill, but this one really helps. So, I’m going to throw the ball at Darren and you
see how it forces him to move his feet, because I’m throwing it right at him. It’s okay Darren,
but don’t get your revenge on me, I’m too close here. So, just hit that ball, and move
those feet. So, you do this a lot you’re going to get a lot quicker because, whether it’s
singles or doubles you’re going to be faced with this type of shot a lot, right at your
feet, and you have to learn to move them. If you do this drill on a regular basis you’ll
see that your quickness improves, your ability to watch the ball and prepare quickly proves

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “Tennis Control Drills : Moving the Feet Tennis Drills”

  1. You're genius coach, you found problem n how to solve it :). It always problem for me anticipating ball that coming toward my foot especially serve ball n overhead/volley ball from opponent.

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