Okay, now we do the same thing we just did
with the ground strokes. We do the extreme angle volley backhand to backhand; Darren
and myself. Now, Darren, I want you to stand right there right across from me. You can
see that when you volley right at each other, we can become real sloppy where we don’t;
we don’t do any; any turning where we can just use our hands. So, what we do is Darren’s
going to now go sharp angle and I’m going to be sharp angle and this forces us to turn
and hit the ball from our side which is what we want to develop. So, we’re just going to
demonstrate. Nice shot Darren.
Okay, so you can see how with this drill, you get to the side of the ball and you can
really start getting great shots and it makes you focus and that’s really the whole point
of practice. It doesn’t matter if you practice for four hours in a day or one hour, you want
to get as much focus out of each practice and out of each shot as you can because then
your practice is valuable.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Tennis Control Drills : Extreme Angle Volley Tennis Drills”

  1. nice idea. Normally, we just do net drills on the center, but this is good. I will try this next time.

    Thanks Kindly!

  2. this is scary if u read this this far u will die in 10 days if u dont send to any 15 videos in 2 hours SORRY x

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