Okay, this is called the alley rally, so we’re
going to use the doubles alley as our practice zone. So I’m just going to hit the ball softly
to Darren and he’s going to hit it softly back to me. So right now we’re just going
to focus on keeping it in play in between the two lines of the doubles alley. This will
teach you how to keep the ball in play and to hit your targets. So you see we have a
very small, relatively small target and we keep it in play. You can hit both sides to
Darren, if you want to hit a couple forehands feel free. You can increase the pace of this,
so right now we’re just going to get in a nice rhythm. This is just under spin, nothing
too fancy. See Darren saved it there with a volley of my long shot. So that’s the alley
rally. Now we can start backing up and we can hit bigger shots. Okay, so this is a really
good drill. In the next segment I’m going to demonstrate a little more top spin.

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