Hello ! Today we are going to show you how to execute a good backhand. I suggest we start by watching two or three very well-executed backhands. First of all, the position of the feet is very important to finding balance at the moment of contact. There are two types of stances to be focused on; closed stances for balls arriving straight on and semi-open stances for balls a little further away. Before I talk to you about the stroke, it is important to hold the racket well. The grip will be between a modified eastern and a full eastern The ready position, which you will return to after each hit will allow you to just as quickly move into a shot on the forehand or the backhand side. Using the information perceived from the opposing shot, you will prepare up high by orientating your shoulders. The free arm will follow the racket until it finds itself parallel with the backdrop. The weight of the body will rest on the back foot. Then, through a relaxation of the wrist, the head of the racket will be lowered beneath the level of the ball, in order to be able to hit from low to high. The lag of the racket head behind the wrist will produce speed at the moment of contact. The point of contact, the moment where the racket head will meet the ball, will be situated in front of the first foot, at hip level. The arm will not be overextended, in order to allow maximum relaxation. You will follow through in the direction of the hit with maximum relaxation. The free arm will be towards the back of the body, in order to avoid excessive rotation. And there you have it. You have all the tools to execute a good one-handed backhand

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  1. Merci Damien & Nicolas,
    Grace à vous, la marque ARTENGO est complète, innovante et conviviale.
    Ces vidéos me sont très utiles. (-;

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