I just wanted people, obviously, to get
a bit of an insight into our history together, a bit about your
development of me into top doubles player, how you kind of envisioned that and you know how we went about kind of working to make that happen because obviously my
sort of game style is a bit different to most other people and the sort of skill set
that I have certainly in today’s generation. Louis: Yes of course that
was interesting but I think every coach said that they want to individualise
their coaching so it was really the case with you because when I see you I say ‘gasp,’ I didn’t say ‘wow that’s the best player I’ve ever seen, yeah I’m sure we’re going
make it,’ but you are, like you say, different and I like that, I like
different because if we train exactly like the others you have to be so good
to be better than the others but if you’re different everybody has to adjust to you so it’s easy for you to be the best you, and it
will be difficult for you to be the best of everyone else, playing very aggressive
powerful game style. Jamie: Which is what I kind of got into the habit of didn’t I for a while. Louis: Yeah, you wanted to be who you were not, so I think the major steps when
you agreed to be different that you saw like lobbing not like a weakness but a
strength, to create uncertainty and I think two years ago you lobbed 232 times
return of serve, and you won an impressive 33% which is very good when
return a first serve. You acknowledge that your forehand is not topspin, slice and you can chip and charge on you’re probably the only one on the tour keep
chipping and charging and coming to the net, and you can mix a chip, lob,
coming in, so you’re very effective, but very, very different and pretty much
everything was geared because you don’t have like I can say natural power it was
more geared toward not you doing winners but making the opponent lose to you and
now to make them lose to you by being very annoying, nicely annoying, by being
unpredictable, lob, angle, chip, coming in line, cross, nobody knows what you’re
going to do, except you, not even me, sometimes I watch, I don’t know what
you’re gonna do, which is great by the way. I think you do and to be and if you’re unpredictable and we spend a lot of time on your
positioning and movement and you force the opponent to go for a low
percentage shot or hit harder, get out of their comfort zone, then their going to
miss a lot for sure, so I think that’s what happened you’re positioning is
perfect, your timing of the movement, you can do I-Formation, you can poach, you can poach from a return of serve, your serve also, you’re a lefty which is a big advantage so you really maximize
your skills, you accept your differences, and yeah you’re very successful, the last
four years finish the top four, top three and congratulations to have reached
number one in 2016 by the way, that’s always a great achievement ,Jamie. Jamie: For both of us. Louis: It’s always the player you know, and I’m not the type of coach like ‘we’ win and ‘you’ lost, It has been a great journey.

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “Tennis Coaching – My Development with Louis Cayer”

  1. So love these videos Jamie, they're really interesting (even for those not into tennis….like some of my friends). Thanks & good luck in all your tournaments 👍🏾🇬🇧✊🏾🍓🍓🍓

  2. It's so true – I absolutely HATE playing against players who play a different style to the traditional as it disturbs my rhythm, makes me second-guess everything and I often find those matches more difficult that playing against someone who is better than me or at the same level and hits big shots, moves the ball around the court in the same patterns my coach taught me, etc.

  3. Jamie I hope you read this message and you will kindly respond. You have a MP or SP. What do you chose to do ? I mean. You follow ''momentum' or you stick to a plan decided with your coach BEFORE MATCH ? THANK YOU !!

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