Hi, I’m Mike from Elite Sports Clubs and I wanted to explain to you today why it’s a great idea to use a ball machine here at Elite. Our ball machines are able to be used using your Apple product to control the functions and start and stop the device. Why is a ball machine a great idea to use? Well, it’s available anytime you want to come to the club and use the courts that are open. It’s a great practice to get ready for drills and also get yourself ready for leagues. It’s a 99¢ app that you can download to your device. It’s called Like My Drill. When you go to the app, select My Drills Once you get there, you’ll hit the plus sign and you can add drills that have different player level, type of shot, direction, and you can name your drill. One of the neat features on this also is that you can select items like random, topspin, underspin, to make it really great for your specific ability level. When you’re done creating your drill it’ll ask you to select an accessory. It’ll connect Bluetooth to the ball machine. Once you do that, you’ll just hit this green button and that’ll activate the ball machine to get yourself started. A lot of people come out and use the ball machine and they hit a thousand of the same shot. I think you need to be a little bit smarter, make sure you kind of take care of your body, only hit a specific number of a particular shot, and then maybe move onto another shot. Another idea is to break it up, trying to hit some serves or things like that so you get a little bit of a rest. Coming out with a friend is a great thing to do on the ball machine. You can have a lot of fun and switch it up and kinda do contests and games. Another thing you can do with the ball machine is wear some headset and train to some music. It’s a great way to be out at the club, practice, have a lot of fun, and get yourself ready for competition.

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Dennis Veasley

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