It’s time for someone to get shot by a tennis ball at over 200 miles per hour and it’s gonna HURT! Ball-boy Ty 2009 Ace! What is this? Lovely! Very nice King! Oh my god there’s some high boys A 9… you always get nines! Uh-oh… Not again… Ten Not again Could it be? What!? Card-off! Card-off! Card-off! Card-off! Good luck boys Good luck Who’s gonna get bruised up? Good luck man Come on Silent! 3….2….1… go! No! Aqueel! Again! Oh my God… You said you wanted to try and return this Yeah I really wanna try and return that serve I reckon I can… Yeah? Well I’m bummed out that you got that Yeah we needed Silent to get that really You ready for this? Well, as ready as a man can be Yeah we’ve got it… Do you reckon if that hits you clean in the ribs, it’ll break a rib? I dunno I did think it… I wouldn’t… I dunno! It’ll definitely be bruised 220 something miles per hour… Yeah the fastest serve is like, 160 (mph) init? I dunno Ask this guy 3….2….1 That was so fast! Come on Aq! 3… Return it! 2….1 He bottled it! I know I know… I really wanted it to hit it man! Bottle jobby! Bottled it! This is the one This is the one. 3….2….1 Shit! Are you alright? Yeah… Yeah yeah? What was that, a kidney shot? Right in the ribs! You good? Ah.. ah…. ahh.. shit Oh he’s fucking… Mate that’s a kidney shot Breathe, breathe, breathe He’s almost in tears! Breathe man Ah you’ve got some elbow, it took your elbow off Look there’s some tennis ball on my elbow! There’s a what?! There’s a there’s a… It stung so much the start was burning I bet it’s gone so much worse now what does it look like now? That’s just gonna… Every like… every 5 minutes It’s gonna get worse More and more purple That made me sweat Mans got tennis elbow

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Dennis Veasley

23 thoughts on “TENNIS BALL CANNON (220mph+ Serve) – Lazy Low Card Season 2 – Round 18”

  1. Oh man that's some power… Wonder what would happen if one were to take a nutshot from it, from behind against danglers. Anyone want to try, for half a point?

  2. Fair play for trying to return a 220mph serve. I don’t even think Andre Agassi could’ve handled that as well as Aqueel did.

  3. Holy Fuck, Aqueel got destroyed! Good on ya mate!

    And Silent has the luck of the heavens on his side. That boy must say his prayers and sing in the choir when he’s alone and away from everybody else.

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