Hey everyone. It’s Jeff Salzenstein here and I’ve got a great video tennis tip for you
that’s going to help you with your backhand especially if you have a two-handed backhand. If you have a one-hander, you’re going to have to wait for another video for me to help you with your one-handed backhand but go ahead and watch the video anyway,
because this tip is one of my top tips. It really jives with the tennis system that I’ve developed which is based a lot on relaxation. The best athletes in the world know
how to go from tension to relaxation. Just watch Roger Federer: he is a master at being graceful and relaxed on the tennis court. Now, if you looked at last month’s tennis magazine with Caroline Wozniacki on the cover you might have noticed her fancy outfit, you might have noticed the pose, maybe the footwork, maybe the swing, but did you notice what her bottom hand
was doing on the racket at the end of the swing? Go ahead and take a look at that magazine and see if you can pick that up. So they key The key to what she’s doing with her bottom hand, or her off-hand, on the racket when she’s swinging, is her fingers are opening up a bit, and that is showing me that she knows
how to relax on her backhand, and she is using her non-dominant hand in my case, as a lefty, I’m using my right hand to hit an amazing backhand with a
relaxed bottom hand at the end. Now, I could’ve used this tip during my junior career. I had some great coaches that were having me hit right-handed forehands but I never really got the feel on my
backhand of what I needed to do by using that drill. The drill that made all the difference for me was actually swinging with two hands and then relaxing the fingers at the end of the swing so I still had the stability of both hands on the racket with that relaxation component at the end. So, I want you to go ahead and try that. Leave a comment if you liked this video and
you feel like this is going to help your game. And then, I want you to go out and try it and then come back to me, and
leave me a comment to see if it works, because I want to learn with you.
I want to help you get better at tennis, and I’m pretty confident, based on
the results I’m getting with my own backhand, and with the lessons that I give, that if you relax your bottom hand
at the end of the swing like Caroline Wozniacki, Andy Murray
does it, David Nalbandian, several other two-handers on the tour, if you do that, you’re going to have amazing results. So, I look forward to seeing you at the next video, and I really want you to go out there, improve your backhand, relax that bottom hand at the end of the swing, and let me know how it goes. Leave me that comment, because I really
want to help you, I want to learn with you, and find out what works best for your game. So, we’ll talk soon, and thanks again.

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31 thoughts on “TENNIS BACKHAND TIP | Simple Tip That Will Immediately Improve Your Tennis Backhand”

  1. THAT"S the tip we really should be getting from that Picture?????
    well, I would ask people.. why she is not finishing the racket over the shoulder???
    This i call Modern backhand.. it is windshield wiper backhand…..
    Nadal is great example for this also.. if Sharapova was cover then this never happen.. it will be over the shoulder…
    Well, wozniaki's game is based on consistency.. consistency comes from spin and great footwork… Great offense comes from flatter shots.. or racket speed

  2. I cannot hit backhand with both hands … but I use sometimes the other hand to support the main hand (is more phychological support, but I don't use it only at backhands, for example when I receive a serve I keep my both hands on the racquet to have bigger precision)

    GREAT CHANNEL ! hope you will accept my friend request … I play tennis since 2 years 2 times per week 90% double tennis … and now I have a nice experience … me and my mates learned to serve hard, very hard

  3. I want To Learn With You and Hopefully I Will Learn You Some Things Also 🙂 by the way, about Serve : an Advice for A Strong Serve (hmm but I don't know if is great also for precision) is this :

    – throw the ball into the air as much high as you want

    I Don't Know IF It Will Work For Everybody … but I Think That IF YOU THROW HIGHER THAN YOU CAN WAIT MORE TO HIT THE BALL … and Maybe This Will Not Be Great Forever

  4. and I think that EVERY ADVICE DON'T KEEPS FOREVER … Maybe Because OF THE EVOLUTION OF THE PLAYER … but I am NoT SuRe … Maybe This Is Avaibable ALSO FOR BIGGEST PLAYERS !!! 🙂

  5. I'm right handed and changed from a one hander to a two hander 18 months ago. I had many lessons and not one that really helped. This is actually what I now do. Relax the "dominant" (right) hand and push through with the left hand for power. The right hand provides stability and the left the power. It's now my best shot. Most good two handers have a relaxed lower hand even if they don't let go. If only I had of seen this 18 months ago. Excellent tip though and I know it works.

  6. Im gonna try thia tomorrow. :3 I notice I keep my hand pretty stiff on my backhand b/c its my weaker shot and I dont get much control. This should help :D.

  7. great tip. my two handed backhand stinks. i hate it so much. but so funny how it comes and goes. when it comes i hit like a beast. i run around every forehand cause i miss it so much. now it's gone and i try many things to make my stroke more smooth. this is a great tip since i feel i try to muscle the ball now and need to relax but just don't know how. thanks man. can't wait to try this one.

  8. Hi Jeff
    This is indeed a very great tip, worked for me at training court today, and it has improved my back even though I've played tennis for 7 years now with a pretty good backhand. This has simply improved my shot. Thank !

  9. Just swinging in my living room feels way better with this method. Feels like some top spin will be added too. Can't wait to try it on the court.

  10. Hi thanks for your tip. But I have a question. At the time of hitting the ball, should the upper arm be fully extended i.e. straight? I saw somebody bent his arm. Which way is better?

  11. you know funny thing.. i  mean at least me though.. I am right hander so I am trying to hit backhand with left hand… i mean i have tried this but don't know other but i don't get any power by just using left hand. I mean that's  why we have two. hands.. i mean if we use only one hand then why not just use one hand both sides?
    I mean much easier to hit spin with two hands. I mean gives more power.

  12. Hey could you make a specific video on your backhand, Im trying to impact heaviest topspin and I was thinking of something like a windshield wiper backhand which looks similar to what you were doing on this video, thanks.

  13. Great tip. Any element(s) that one can incorporate into their backhand that prompts him/her to impart a "natural" motion into such an unnatural movement, the better. IMO, the backhand is one of the more difficult shots to learn when picking up the game of tennis. Especially if one comes from a baseball background and has been taught to swing level/flat his entire life.

  14. Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your serve potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes… Do you? https://goo.gl/aTX4rj

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