Okay so this is another shot whether we’re
playing singles or doubles, it’s going to be a forehand slice approach shot which means
it’s going to get you to the net. You can kind of block it, you can open the face and
slice it, but what we’re going to do, is these gentlemen, Ken and Darrin, they’re going to
each slice a ball and then they’re going to come to the net, I’m going to feed them another
ball and then they’re going to hit a volley. Alright, sideways, sideways, sideways, get
to the net, and hit your volley. Good shot. Alright Ken, good job and hit your volley,
just nice and easy, there you go. Alright guys one more time each, so Darrin come on
up, open the face of the racket, good shot and Ken open the face, come on up, good and
hit the volley. Good job. Okay so what that does is it gets them to the net. When they
under spin it the ball is moving relatively slow, it allows them to come behind it and
get in a good position at the net. It forces the opponent to hit a good passing shot or
a lob. So that’s the purpose of the forehand slice approach.

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “Tennis Approach Shots : Hitting a Forehand Slice in Tennis”

  1. the slice is supposed to have a flat and downward projectory and drop fast so it is hard to hit. these guys are hitting the ball upwards like its a lob

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