HUNDRED GRAND. Randy:TENNIS ANYONE? THE MOBILE TENNIS CENTER HAS A CLASS DESIGNED TO HELP GET BEGINNERS INTO LEAGUE PLAY. TONIGHT’S FIRST CLASS WAS FULL. randy: From beginners to players who want to come back to the sport, the Mobile Tennis Center’s Apprentice Program launched tonight with courts 1 thru 4 full of enthusiasm. Lee McAnally, “I think it would just be fun to be on a team and playing.” Walt Listuon, ” we have a lot of new tennis players, it’s called a tennis apprentice program, sponsored by the USTA, we’re trying to get players out who have never played before, or very little and get them into league play.” Chelsea Greer, “I have never played on a team, just lessons, so I’d like to be able to keep thinking while I’m playing, keeping score and just keep moving with the game and know what I am doing.” The tennis pros are changing protocol it’s not longer technique first, learn to hit the ball over the net and the rest will come, Coach, ” you put them out on the court to play and they say, this isn’t anything like I learned, so they get frustrated and quit. Now we have reversed that, just teach them how to rally first, they’re having fun because the can hit the ball over the net and learn technique later” Randy: Motivate yourself — get out of the house, and take the court before you know it you’ll be ready for league play in USTA. Amy Kendall, “my daughter plays high school tennis, I was watching her, I realized how much I missed it, I was playing 20 years ago in Houston and I wanted to get back in it.” Coach Walt. “it’s fantastic that we have this many people out here, we have 25 or 26 people here, that is tremendous, if half of these people join a league, that’s good!”

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Dennis Veasley

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