Thanks for tuning in this is a
walkthrough to demonstrate the difference when you
upgrade to tennis agility plus so the difference from tennis agility light is that all the exercises are available! that previously were locked and they are
all fully calibratible/changeable making this by far the most powerful
tennis training app available. it’s got extra training extra tests and you can fully edit them and can make up
your own tests you can record tests and so on so if we go to advanced calibration This is where all the magic happens First up you can save up your own tests so for example you might want to change Number of Sets and save that click up here on the plus (append) button and that adds it to the user defined list. If we go back, go to user-defined exercise and there it is. If you don’t like it you can
delete it Just like that. You can change the order
to the CUES like that just by dragging them you can totally remove CUES and add new ones in just like that. you can mix and match any combination of cues – like so! so, really powerful. so what you could do is for
example get rid of that one get rid of that one OK you could have a test or training where the colors are two seconds and the numbers are four seconds so you could set up kind of a star, so you got red and white two meters apart and say
1&2 four meters apart and so on add to the list, whoops I’ve done it twice. yep, not a problem and em, then you can use it at a later time.
if you’re a coach you can set up training for your clients save that and hopefully we’ve saved it there you go that is one ,you could have
another client you want to have a different one for him you can have that one make that one different. 4 say. add it. it should be in there. there you go yes, so you can set up tests for clients you can set up a group test…. group
training…. there it is….. so this is a group session so we’re gonna have a lot more sets just say we’ve got 10 clients, 10
people attending the group everybody wants to do one set… you do it in
circle… you do it round and round. so would probably want
to delay between each one… which we have 10 seconds.. that’s
looking okay actually so there’s your group session setup…
individual client sessions so really really powerful… you know you
can have time and date as well to make it even better keep a track so this is what makes it such a powerful
tool. the other side of it is you can make up your own tests can make up your own VO2 max test or
you could make up your own agility test whatever.. you can do it like this okay let’s get back in here go to testing just pick the VO2 max
test we’ve got multi-stage fitness test okay let’s have a look at
this so the current typical test is based on
a 20-meter shuttle right first thing is incrementing difficulty test is set to on3
this means it gets harder every level random cues is set to no because you’re just running over and back , basically you’ve got twenty two levels you a 10 second delay before we start we
got no resting between sets each level 60 seconds long every shuttle is twenty meters long
starting off 8.5 kmph and you’re
increasing the speed by .5 every level, rights let’s change this
shuttle length to maybe a tennis court length so maybe many as 25 meters because you’re running around the net, so when
you do that the test automatically calibrates the
number of reps to make sure that we do the right number
for each level so you can call that tennis court multi-stage
fitness test let’s add that and back in the exercise screen we can see the tennis
court multi-stage fitness test now and if we played okay we’ve got a rest
period here before it all starts and we’ve got six shuttles now instead of 8 which is what you’d have on a normal
twenty meter test so it’s 6 shuttles based on 25 meter each shuttle here is 10.5 instead of
previously it would’ve been a 8point something so so
what happens is it tries to fit the right number of
shuttles into a minute’s running at eight and a
half kmph so you’re running for just slightly longer than a minute at 8.5 kmph from this one so same as the VO2 max test based on
20m all this is is we’ve made it useful for a tennis court
you don’t have to take down the nets or whatever there you go onto level 2 just after a min slightly shorter shuttle time now so that’s it so that’s it so thank you very much for tuning in and I
welcome any feedback and exercise ideas the other thing to look out for is if we go to the support area and tap on the website, it looks really cool
in iOS 7 so this brings up my tennis agility
website which is where all the instructions
ideas for training and so on is held so clip down here and I also have a presence on Facebook
Twitter and YouTube so we go to facebook we’ve got a tennis
agility community which I’ve just set up if we go to Twitter you see twins news him there you go you gotta tennis agility section
there and you can see here keeping it up to date and I also have a presence on youtube which is cool as well and that’s where all the training videos appear I’m also on LinkedIn have not connected that just yet so please feel free to get in touch thank
you very much!!!!

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