Okay, covering the court efficiently is of
something that you acquire with a lot practice. However, the idea of which foot to move first
when you want to run down a shot, is an interesting question, because there are many ways of getting
to a ball. But what I want you to think about, is don’t have your feet so wide all the time,
because if your feet are wide, you can’t run, you’re stuck like this. So if you want to
be able to move quickly, no matter which direction, you want to keep your feet closer together,
shoulder width apart maybe even a little closer. So if I have a ball that’s out wide, I’m going
to, if I get a ball out here to my forehand, I’m going to want to side step, so I want
to move my right foot first. So you can see if it’s out wide, I can’t move, but if it’s
close in, I can side step quickly, get to the ball and hit it. It’s very important to
move your right foot first, because you can see, if I take my left foot, I’m off balance
and it hasn’t gained me much ground. So it’s very important when you side step to move
your right foot first and not to turn. Now in football if you ever see a lineman go with
his opposite foot that’s when they get called for holding. So it’s a very slow way to move.
So it’s much quicker to move this way on your forehand side. So you want to move your right
foot generally first. There are exceptions to this rule. If there’s a ball in front of
me in that direction, I can move with my right foot first or I can move with my left foot
as I would be running. But, but generally for balls that are close in, you usually,
if the ball is on your right side and you’re planning on hitting a forehand, use your right
foot first. So even if the ball is coming right at me and I want to hit a, if the ball
is coming right now and I want to hit a forehand, I want to push off with my right foot, so
the right foot is very important on the forehand side.

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Dennis Veasley

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