Hello, Polynesians, I’m Karen, I hope that
you’re very well and you’re having a great fun. I don’t know if you know, but I love to use tennis shoes and more those who do not have shoelaces, are so comfortable, as most of the tennis shoes I have are black, I decided to give a Pair a different touch and decorate them from
galaxy, but that’s not all. Wait to see all the tutorial because these tennis shoes are magical.
What you are goint to need is a pair of tennis shoes. of cloth black or white. I had these
but I did not dare to use them because
they looked Much to others that I already had, acrylic
or textile of the colors that are in a galaxy like purple, blue, pink or white. Like
my tennis shoes are blacks, I will not use colors So darks. Make-up sponges, these
with circulars or you can also use them which are square and masking tape
to cover the edges that we do not want. The first thing you will do is to cover with the Masking all the edges
you don’t want to be painted, for example, the edge rubber. Go cutting medium pieces of tape and
see it sticking carefully covering perfectly the area. Try don’t touch any cloth, because if
else, when you remove the tape, You will see that part that isn’t painted
and the design will be ruined. For the front part that is very curved,
use smaller pieces of tape and
paste them very well. You can also cover the part of the brand, the tab and everything that doesn’t you want to be painted. like my tennis shoes have these studs
I will also cover them with tape. in the end this is how you must to look your Tennis, ready to paint. Now with a wet cloth,
you’re going to clean the tennis fabric clothe, removing all the dust you have. So that we do not have problems and the paint becomes impregnated Okay, now comes the fun. In
small containers, you’re going to put the
paint on. You can Make the combinations you want, for
example, the purple that I want is
something darker and shiny, so I combined pink and a
little bit of blue until you get the color you wanted, I also needed a very bright pink
so I combined it with a neon pink. when you have your favorite color tones is going to take the sponge and put some paint, removing the excess and you are going to touch the clothe textile
in this way. Press a little on some Places and in other you push strong. The point
of this isn’t look the uniform. I’ll use Blue and purple as a base, half
will be blue and the other purple. You can use the colors you want, it depends´on your galaxy.
Go painting all tennis shoes touches. When you have the 1st dry layer, put the second,
this will be more intense so do it carefully and then a third layer to put a
brighter color such as pink. From this we will only put little in some areas.
To make them much more intense. You must let the paint dry between layers, so that the color is not combined and this is more intense. When you’re done and you like the design,
let it dry for quite a while. Already dry with paint white and a toothbrush, you are goint to make
the stars, put the brush to the paint And with your finger, take away the excess, bring the brush to the tennis and add the stars of this way. Do it for all the textile. This
effect will make it looks like a galaxy with many remote stars. To add biggest stars with a
toothpick and a little bit of paint, you’re going to put dots this
way. You can also put stars much brighter making a cross. If
you like constellations then you can do some, the point is that you like and you customize
as you want. When you’re satisfied With the stars of your galaxy, let it dry and
then begin to remove the Masking carefully. and ready! We have some amazing galaxy tennis
shoes, which looks as if you had Bought like that. How do you like them? I love them, Don’t be afraid to paint your tennis no
matter what you don’t know how to draw. I had never drawn A galaxy and look how I was, the truth I was very impressed, so don’t worry, it Cool of making a galaxy is that it is not perfect. Follow my advice and you will stayl Amazing. Now to make them magicals,
let’s make them glow in the dark Isn’t that amazing? I got in a
shop for graphic printing products a ink that shines into the dark is used for T-shirt printing. They gave me three products: auxiliary Caltex, Termogel Crystal and a photoluminescent asset. I just I arrived and told the man I wanted something to paint clothe fabric and this was what I got. What I did was mix photoluminescent active 2gr with 4gr of Termogel and 1gr of the auxiliary. With A toothpick I was mixing all the ingredients to get a uniform paste. This looks very cool because this mixture
reacts with light and when it is dark, it shines. With a toothpick I was taking a little
mix and placed it in the stars that were Largest in my galaxy, this way. The color of the stars will be slightly Greenish, but don’t worry, by far it
looks white so it doesn’t spoil for anything The design of the galaxy. You can paint
how many stars you want. Put your style and remember that they will glow in the dark, so don’t paint them so Close. Ready, Polynesians! They already have
magic Galaxy tennis. Wow, they really look amazing, I’m
very impressed with the result and I’m also Very excited of how wonderful
they look and also glow in the dark, the I never thought I could do something like that and best of all it was very simple do and also very funny would you like,
Polynesians? Put me in the comments if You guys would put on tennis like that and if you would. Remember, if you do this, Send me a picture with your creations and I will share them on my FB. So we can all See how they were. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I do and see you in Next video, Polynesians. I send them a kiss. Bye! Ah, Polynesians, I forgot, to the right side Other amazing tutorials are appearing, click the one you are most curious. Bye!

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