Hello, Polynesians! How are you? To all
the Polynesians who don’t know me My name is Lesslie and down here I’m going to leave my social networks so we can talk. In this video I want to show you
something that for a long time I’ve wanted to show you which is to make some watercolor shoes.
I know there are many things we can
do about watercolor but really, I am a fan of
cool shoes, so I want them to show this technique that is very amazing and is
very easy to do. Let’s get started! To make these
amazing cool shoes, The first thing that we’re going
to need is some white cool shoes. You can take the ones you don’t like or if they are already dirty or are a little bit worn you can use to make them amazing. Permanents ink pen
of colors, alcohol, Adhesive tape and an eyedropper. The first thing we’re going to do is take out the shoelaces cool shoes to avoid smudging. Then with adhesive tape we’re going to cover Whole plastic of our cool shoes in this way. Since you’ve finished your two
cool shoes, it is time to start painting them. We are going to take a permanent pen and
let’s start to draw what you want. Unlike that it be completely plump. On the contrary if you have more white spaces It gonna be right. In this case, I started to make some figures so random but you can make
dots, you can do stripes, whatever you
want, here is part of your imagination. About
design that you make is like are going to combine the colors, the truth
here I love it because you can do whatever you want with your imagination. Now
it’s time to take our eye dropper and our alcohol, and let’s drop a
small drops. IfIf you see that you do not start to blur
quickly, you can give a little more alcohol, but then You will see the effect that will be made. It’s
extremely incredible, I love it But you will experiment with
every one of your designs and as I had
commented, I recommend you leave a little bit of
white spaces so that you can blur better. When you’re done
it should be this way, with a blur effect. And now if we can take out all our
adhesive tape that we put around of our cool shoes. And Ready, Guys! That’s how we get these beautiful colorful tennis effect. just we put shoelaces and now they are perfect
so put them. Actually I love it This combination of colors because it
looks really cool also I love to see so many Colors together because
it makes me feel very happy. Polynesians if they really liked this idea
give it a lot of love and I would also love to know If you would like to show them to do
more crafts with this watercolor effect. Really I love it, it is very colorful
and is very easy to do, and you know that if you make this or any other craft,
take a picture then send to my
social networks Here are going be appearing so that
we can talk and can see everything that you do. I hope you like so much this video,
I make it with love for you and I see you in the next video. Goodbye
Polynesians, I love them

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Dennis Veasley


  1. me encanto esos zapatos de acuarela saludame a karen y rafa por favor y saludos para ti te amo eres mi favorita de todos a mi prima le gusta karen por que a mi prima le encanta el color morado saludos

  2. Que coloridos, están geniales los 👟👟 yo los llamaria tenis arcoiris un besito 😘

  3. FELIZ DÍA INTERNACIONAL POLINESIOO LOS AMAMOSS sin ustedes nuestro mundo seria gris 💗💚💜👐👐👐💗💚💜👐👐👐

  4. Nuestra familia está nominada en los KCA 2018 ¡Votemos juntos hasta morirrr!!!!! Votemos aquí por Los Polinesios y Lesslie!! A ganaaaar!!

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  6. Lesli quisiera Que isiseras cosas de regreso a clases
    Como peinados,manualidases para regreso a clases como decoral tus utiles escolares ect porfabor y tanvien
    Quisiera Que isieras Ms cosas en efecto acuarela porfabor y Grasias. Tanvien te quedo super Lindos Los tenis

  7. Me encantan son de unicornios y soy la loca de los unicornios 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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