♪ We here for the party
and the party don’t stop ♪ – Oh, hello and welcome back to 17 versus 27. We have done it all here. Concert looks, going out looks, holiday look, date night looks. Now, it’s time for the ultimate party. Oh, Kuwilileni. Yes, girl, work. How are you? – I’m great, thanks for askin’. I’m Kuwilileni and I’m 27-years-old. – This teen, Michelle, she’s
dope as (bleep), great style. I’m very excited to see you two pick out
clothes for each other because you guys are
totally (bleep) different. – What do they always
say, opposites attract? If anything, that makes it more exciting. – Exactly.
– I love a challenge. I was born a black woman. – Let me go get your challenge. – Hi.
– Oh my god, you’re so ravishing. – Hi, my name is Michelle and I’m 17. Your outfit’s so cute. – Thank you, I love yours too. I love that you’re
showin’ off your midriff. Very body positive. – Power.
– Yes. When I first saw Michelle
I was incredibly blown away by how confident and vivacious she was. So, tell me about your weekends. What do you do? – So, I’m pretty much in
the gym or thrift shopping. – I love thrift stores,
so we have that in common. I don’t really do the gym. I really like being
outside, so I go hiking. – My first impression of Kuwilileni was she was really chill vibe, like someone you could
go up to and say hi. – So, what do you think of a 27-year-old? – My brother is 27. He’s sort of old school,
but still very modern. – You nailed it. So, how would you describe your style? – It’s always switching. So, sometimes I’ll go super
vintage to this (laughs). – My style would best
be described as unique. I care about color, patterns, and I really like unique signature pieces. So, it’s Friday night, you’re going out, what’s this party like? – Very chill, but still a lot of dancing. – So, you want something that
looks good on the dance floor, but that you can still move in and feel comfortable.
– Yes, comfortable. – Okay, rad. – How about you? – I got to a lot of
holiday parties for work. So, I think something that
I could wear around my boss, but still maybe get laid. You know, something that
pulls a little tail, but still gets me that raise. – Yes.
(cat meows) – Is there anything you hate? Like if I were to pick you something that you’d be like, I
can’t believe she did that? – No, I’m very open-minded to everything. How about you? – I don’t wear pants at all. – I have never had anyone shop for me, but I’m really interested to see what she’s gonna style me in. – Are you ready to do this?
– Yes. – Let’s go shopping, bitch.
– Let’s go. – Okay, we’re at H&M. You guys have 30 minutes, I’ll
be checking in 15 minutes in. Time starts now. – My game plan was
something chic and modern. – I wanna find something
that’s like a signature piece and then build the rest
of the look around that. – I like this color, it’s bright, with a simple skirt on the bottom. – Don’t look over here, hiss hiss. At first I was looking at
a lot of the elegant stuff, but then I realized halfway through that that’s what I would wear. So, I regrouped and went straight
to the streetwear section. Oh wow, this section looks a lot more her. I wanna get her something
that’s super sexy, but in a positive way. I have a plan: start with the sex and then leave with the sports. So, I found this Nicki
Minaj leather pleated skirt and kind of built the rest
of the look from there. – When I found this jacket I was thinking maybe a bandeau
on the bottom or just a bra. Then I remembered her boss
is gonna be there, so no. – [Jazzmyne] I’m a little surprised at how chill Kuwilileni was during this. She just went for it,
knew what she wanted, and had a clear vision. – She said a lot earlier about how she liked dressing
by different decades. So, I found this really oversized sweaters everyone was wearing in the 90s, but it’d been turned into a crop top. This how moms shop for their kids. They’re like, I think this is
what the teens are wearing. This is happening. So, I feel like the final
touches to any outfit are accessories and I saw
these heart-shaped earrings with eyes in the middle and
some gold sparkle tights that I think will just add a
little bit of sex to the look. – Michelle thought she was
hot (bleep) with her outfit. Oh, I really like this. That’s a great… And then I came in and threw
a little wrench in her plan. Heh. This is for you. Yeah, good luck. How’s it goin’?
– I think I found my look. – It looks like you’re dressing
a Nicki Minaj barbie doll. – Yes, you got it.
– I love it. Well, this is for you. You have 15 minutes left, good luck. – Before the party starts tonight – Your outfit is not quite right. – There’s one more thing you
need to add to your collection – A piece of clothing
from the man’s section. – Yes, bitch, this is a men’s shirt. I live for that, let’s go. – I thought, no. This can’t be happening. It’s probably going to throw my look off. – The first thing I noticed
when we hit the men’s section was it was like all of the
color had been turned down. – Oh, no. – And then I see these
tops, very much reminding me of something that you’d
see Arthur wearing. Kind of had oversized
sleeves that you could easily wipe away tears with. Because, you know,
(cat meows) I was crying a lot in high school. I don’t know about her. – This will either be
best party of her life or she’ll get food out of the party. I don’t know. – Well, they have gloves. So, I spotted some black
gloves and I thought, why not? It still goes. – I’m just obsessed with this,
so maybe I’ll just put it on. And then I actually changed my mind and I went to my original coat idea and found this really incredible Biggie-inspired puffy jacket. Yas, I’m really feelin’ this. This is gonna look great. – So, I’m finished with my look. (gasps) I paired it off with some
real basic black heels ’cause I want her to be a little taller. – Alright, your time is up. I’m a little surprised at
what we got each other, but I’m excited to see. Let’s go. Alright, I am so excited
to see both of these looks. Kuwilileni, pass yours off first. – Yay.
– Here you go, darlin’. I hope you like it.
– I’m excited. – I’m realizing now it looks exactly like what you’re
wearing, but it’s fine. – It’s fine, walk it off. – I feel like even if she doesn’t like it she’ll at least get to try some things that she might not have
picked out for herself. So, I’m feeling pretty good about it. – Alright, Kuwilileni, are
you ready to see Michelle? – I’m so excited. – Okay, come on in. (screaming) – (gasps) My baby. – Isn’t she so cute?
– Oh my god. I love how you’re wearing
it off the shoulder too. Stylin’, profilin’. – I was very surprised someone who was 10 years older than me would pick an outfit like this. It’s very like, you know
that I’m a wildcard. – I love the pleats, this is
working so well on your butt. – I never thought that
I would wear this skirt, to be honest, but it fits
perfect, and then the jacket giving me the Rihanna vibe, you know? My favorite part would probably be the top because it says okay and
that’s my favorite word. – [Jazzmyne] You got the pops of yellow, you got the little skirt, but you’re still a little athletic. – The Vans are very playful, the earrings are really elegant. Yeah, so you’ve got it all.
– It brings it all… – I’m feeling very proud of myself. I now wanna go out and give birth to a fully-fledged 18-year-old teen, skip the whole children part and just get straight to dressin’ ya. – Mhm. – Alright, you ready? – It’s funny, I’m not nervous at all about her trying on my clothes,
but me trying on her clothes makes me wanna (bleep) my pants. – How are you feelin’? – Good, I like this. Oh, about her outfit? It’s gon’ be bomb. – Okay, we got that confidence. Okay.
– Okay. (laughing) – Alright Kuwilileni, come in. (screaming)
– Yes. Yes, yes. – The minute I pulled
out the pants I was like, we talked about this, I told
her I don’t wear the pants. And then I saw them on and I was like, – Yes.
– Good girl. – Look at that ass. – It’s so good. – I’m an incredibly modest dresser. Didn’t really realize until I
was wearing a spaghetti strap. I was like, the world
might see my shoulders. – The shirt and the scarf, bomb. – I love it too. I was like, what good attention to detail. She looked at me and everything. – And I chose the spider ’cause you like hiking
outside in the nature. – I love that, as opposed
to inside on the treadmill. – I would never think to put pink velvet with this houndstooth, but I love it. And then, girl, pants.
– But that booty? – Pants, (bleep) it up. – I know, I love them and the shoes. I never wear high heels,
but then I’m like, oh my god, I’m so tall. This is how the other half lives. – Welcome.
– You can see the birds. – Well, for the challenge
y’all really threw me, but we did gloves. – Yeah, you could kill someone. – Yeah, if the glove
doesn’t fit, am I right? (laughing) – If you walked in at party, I would be like, okay, she’s serious. – I know, I feel like if I
walked into parties like this I wouldn’t be single. – Alright, you both look so good. I think it’s party time. I’ll see you maybe next week and you’ve gotta be home at 10. Bye, y’all. – I think every generation of women hopes to pave the way for
the next generation of women, and being around her
gave me a lot of hope. I think with this experience I’m gonna re-vist some of
the things that I don’t do because I might have some insecurities that are just hangin’
around from my younger days that are bull(bleep). – 27-year-olds are really cool and they still got spice in them, but I like being a teenager. – Michelle said she
would never wear a skirt and then she put one on and
looked (bleep) hot in it. With Kuwilileni, this bitch put on pants and was a whole new woman. Which one of my friends
should I challenge next? No one because this season’s
over, this was the finale. But if you want us to come
back, maybe watch some more. And (bleep) do it, just watch it. Have fun! (jazz music)

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