It’s the final day of the National
Maori Tennis Tournament in Hamilton, and it’s reached its 89th year. Here’s Potaka Maipi’s report. Unleashing the tennis champ. He’s only 15-years-old, but Te Kani Williams is now
the open men’s Maori champion. But the final score
doesn’t say anything about luck. Maori title today; the titles of the world tomorrow. The organisers
of this Maori tournament are encouraging players
to speak Maori through learning tennis terminology
in te reo. Many have Maori whakapapa
but aren’t speakers of the language. So that’s what we’re encouraging, for people to have a go
at speaking Maori. – What’s the Maori word for ace? There’s ‘tukua’ and ‘aue’,
and a few others, but those two are the ones
most used these days. Hard work brings results. The sun still shines
on this established tournament, and next year will be the big one
celebrating 90 years. Potaka Maipi, Te Karere. Good effort there,
Te Kani Williams. We’ve just heard he’s won
his finals today, and this just in too, Shelley Stephens has taken out
the women’s section of the Maori Tennis tournament
in Hamilton. So to you all out there
battling it out on court, great work.

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