I was thinking
that I should go … Like, bringing it up over my
joggers, like ooh, like that. Because the thongs
are low piece, and no pun intended
but they’re scandalous. No, I think your fans
have to be off. Off. Yeah, like holding your shirt.
Kind of like a- You want me to be like a whore. As I’m trying to take photos
to promote my thongs. Does that say scandalous
on them? I feel like the thong,
it’s kind of like if you’re on the bed, it’s like
a butt kind of a thing. I’m Tana. I’m definitely
a little scandalous. It’s like I’m going to take a
(bleep) on the bed. I feel like
the outcast of YouTube. The wild child. The bad one. But I feel like I do know
what my demographic wants.

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Dennis Veasley

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