you hi Thomas from Phil Chinese there’s a very common mistake of the tossing arm serving so the mistake looks something like this the player might be serving and they just stop their arm somewhere here so they stop here they don’t really go into a full vertical position so it should be more like this and so I want to show you one method that I use to correct this so first we must understand why that happens so it’s not completely just mechanical problem but sometimes it’s also caused by like incorrect mental image and I think that players imagine that they don’t really have to get into this position because they are thinking they want to get above the ball with the racket so they toss the ball and then they’re thinking I need to get above the ball and swing down to serve so as we know the serve works somewhat differently where we need to swing much more upwards and that’s why we get into this position because we are orienting ourselves to swing to swing upwards so we’re not really orienting ourselves to swing downwards at first but first we are orienting ourselves to really swing upwards and that’s why we get into this position so it’s important that the player understands that they need to correct their mental image but I also use one technical correction to help them achieve this position and I call it keep lifting so the idea is a little bit strange but it works so what I asked the player to imagine is that their hand under the ball are magnets and then there’s like a magnetic field between the ball and the hand and so even though the ball has left their hand as they’re lifting their hands they are somehow able to keep lifting the ball so even though the ball has left my hand I keep lifting my hand following the ball and imagining that I am still able to affect the height of the ball with my hand even though there’s no more ball so when I’m serving I can feel that the ball has long left my hand and yet I still am lifting the hand as if I’m still lifting the ball so again it looks something like this here’s the incorrect position of the tossing arm from a different angle so the players might just stop lifting their arm somewhere here so again they might just imagine that they want to get above the ball and hit down that’s oftentimes the mental image that causes this problem but instead they should get in much more vertical position because we want to accelerate the racket upwards first so again the correction is that you just imagine that even though the ball has left your hand you are still able to affect the ball’s height through some kind of magnetic field so as the ball leaves my hand I still keep lifting my hand so I keep going like this and I recommend that you do this a few times before you serve the ball that you just focus on this part keep lifting and then just wait don’t serve try and get used to that feeling that even though there’s no more ball in your hand you are still able to affect its height somehow by lifting your hand very high once you get a little bit more comfortable with that see if you can finally do the complete serve the keep lifting approach is also a very good method of correcting the toss if it’s all over the place so I wanted to show an example of how that looks like at first when the toss is not correct and then you can see how much Prabha has to adjust her service motion in order to get to the ball so obviously that’s not good it breaks down her technique even if you want to work on simple exercises that are the start of building the serve like this one when I’m just asking her to trap the ball between the bracket and the side fence now you will see that you know she can’t do that even so because her toss is all over the place so even for basic serve exercises we do need a fairly consistent toss and I want to show you how the keep lifting method can be applied to beginners but also to anyone who has problems with accurate stars and there have to keep chasing the ball all over the place now release a little bit and you go a little bit faster and stop it but only this google yes very nice touch like you make it go will be higher with the same idea you you

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20 thoughts on “Tame Your Serve Toss With The “Keep Lifting” Drill”

  1. I learned to play in the dark ages (wood racquet) and was taught to toss while holding two balls in my left hand. This forces me to lift the ball rather than toss it. Holding the second ball ensures that I don't turn my palm upward, which has the effect of eliminating the possibility of flipping my wrist. It's a lot like I'm holding an ice cream cone and then trying to lift it straight up. Sadly, the toss is the most consistent part of my game.

  2. You are the best!  I always miss the "keep lifting" part.  As result I can not keep the momentum going and resort to throwing the ball with my wrist.  Thus unstable.  With this keep lifting method, the momentum is not stopped at release point and the ball can be easily released into air without wrist movement. Thank you!

  3. I have struggled with my toss for decades. I keep tossing behind my head. whenever I fully extended my arm, the ball goes behind me. I've tried 10 different serve motions and Byrdch's serve motion helps a little.

  4. adjusting the girl's toss in few minutes was awesome !! really nice to see young students improve from just a few tips.

  5. Wow, 한국어 자막이 옵션으로 제공되다니 매우 놀랍네요^^ Feel TENNIS를 즐겁게 시청하게 되어 자막제공자님께 진심으로 감사드립니다.

  6. You are the FIRST tennis instructor, the FIRST… I have encountered in over 40 years of playing tennis, taking club lessons and watching on the internet for years…. that teaches this principle in a serve motion. Thank you. I noticed many years ago that the only, the ONLY common movement that all pro players share in their serve motion, men or women, is that they finish their toss with their arm full extended above their shoulders just prior to starting their forward/upward swing. You can spend hours looking at tennis match footage and you will see what I mean. So, if all pro players are taught this technic, why aren't recreational players taught it? Why do trained tennis pros at clubs throughout the US (I have taken lessons from CA to NC) not teach this simple method of tossing the ball in order to establish consistency in the toss? I have never understood this dilemma and the results are very easy to see at any club in the country. Players are totally inconsistent in their serve and a big factor is their inconsistent toss. Your drill is just what is needed. Thanks again.

  7. Excellent video! The toss is one of my biggest problems and I can't wait to put your advice into practice! Thank you!

  8. Wow, I definitely have the wrong mental image of trying to hit downwards on the serve :O
    This requires a big mental shift for me!

  9. Thank you so much.. I try to find this lesson a long time.
    I have a kid. This one is best for helping my kid so much. Hope you have another lesson for kid more.

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