You know that really tall girl
that you go to school with? Would you maybe wanna… Well, that’s me. Never mind. Sixteen years old,
six foot one… and a half. Well, how’s the weather
up there? Nice sweatpants, Sasquatch. What’d you say
to my best friend? Fareeda, please. Honey, you just
have to be strong in the face of adversity. I love it! That’s the one. You’re perfect. I just think it’s crazy
you won’t date a short guy. You really think
that at any moment some taller-than-you,
perfect guy is gonna walk
through that door? Okay. I’m going in. You are? No, of course I’m not. The guy got out of customs,
what, an hour ago, and she’s already
marking her territory. How do you like
America so far? I’m liking America
very much so far. One day, Jodi, you’re gonna stand up
and say, “I love
all 73 inches of myself.” -Hello?
-Hi. I’m the new exchange student
in your school. I was hoping you’d go with me
to the homecoming dance. Yeah, sure. I mean… Gotcha. Let’s face it, Jodi.
You’re the tall girl. I just want you to feel normal. Dad, every time you try
to make me feel more normal, you end up making me
feel like more of a freak. I need your help. Little sister, I’ve been waiting for this day
my entire life. I’ll Extreme Makeover
the crap out of you. Let’s get to work. So you’re telling me lip gloss and lipglass
are two different things? Stop stressing. I look like Grandma’s couch. Or a beautiful
mermaid princess! Now this is me. I like new Jodi. Face-your-fears Jodi. Going-after-what-you-want
Jodi. I’ve been in love with this girl
since elementary school, and this new guy blows up
my plan. -You’re moving in on my man.
-No, I’m not. -Stay away from him.
-I will. Stop agreeing
with everything I say! Okay. We’ve all got
something about ourselves we wish we could change. -You’re my big little sister.
-That’s me. The only thing we can control
is how we deal with it. When you’re a tall girl,
it’s the only thing people see. It’s not the only thing I see. I just wanna make sure
that you don’t get hurt.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix”

  1. I feel like this movie was made for me😭😂. i’m 5’10 and 17 years old and i’ve always been tall i hate that my jeans doesn’t reach my ankles so it makes it looks like i’m wearing high waters, so anytime i wear jeans it’s only with boots. I used to always try to slouch down when i walk and I hate the tall jokes. I always had big feet so i didn’t wanna wear sneakers only flats.

  2. “You think your life is hard? I wear size 13 Nike’s.”

    Well I suffer from depressio-

    “Men size 13 Nike’s.”

  3. Did people not catch the message behind this? It’s about self
    Love and finding yourself , and loving those who already love you but to also take new chances

  4. am i the only one who thinks that the line “lets face it jody, youre the tall girl” is weird?? like the same thing as coming up to the dude and saying “yoo whats up short boy?”

  5. You think your life is hard I wear 13 Nike’s
    Beat that
    Me: a person who got bullied for being les,got bullied at my 1st day in an non Asian country and my brother hated me when I was born

  6. Why are all of the girls in the school in love with a dude who looks like a chick? Is that how it is in high school these days?

  7. YoU tHink YOU'RE lIfE iS hArD? I'm 16 And WEaring Size 13 NIkes. MENS SIZE 13 NIKES.

    blind and deaf kid: bois like lida

  8. @Netflix im not in high school yet but i wear a size 9-10 in womens and an 8 in mens so. idk beat that im 5,3-4

  9. I litterly thought this trailer was a joke 73inches? 1,85cm!!?!?!?? Thats slightly above the average bodylenght in my country. Make her 2m, and show the growth complications overly tall bodies come with if you want to make this concept of a movie remotely interesting. But no, bad run of the mill cliche anxty teen drama.

  10. 6'1? I mean I guess she's tall for a girl but that's not even that tall. How many of your male friends have ever said "That girl is too tall, I wouldn't hit that." Exactly 0. This isn't a thing.

  11. this reminds me to lovely complex a beautiful anime about a tall gir and a short boy looking for love and not realizing that they have more in common that they think…

  12. Beat that

    Social anxiety
    Asperger's meltdowns weekly
    Short guy
    Always angry, and it doesn't depend on me. Damn I wish
    Bullied since forever

    Ya go lady 🙂
    If I could reach this character's face I'd punch her

  13. Eee I am tall girl I have guy who likes me and genuinely cares about me but I'm going to go after another guy who already has a girlfriend or something gosh my life is so hard because I'm tall

  14. It's a really beautiful movie if I might say because it's so not cliché and typical hot guy gets the good girl. And it has depicted 'the getting over insecurities' so amazingly. Man I loved it 😄

  15. Girl: "I'm tall, beat that"
    Me: I have fake friends, I have bad luck, my bunny is gone, my cat moved, I cut my self every time, I have bullys, I'm single

  16. I mean, I always wear heels (it’s just my style) and I’m as tall as her with them on. I’ve never gotten a single negative comment about my height, I never even thought it’d be weird tbh. I thought she was like 2 meters tall or even more

  17. Legitimately cannot believe this passed a single producer. Have you ever seen a short model? I have rarely seen a tall girl with a short guy, but when I do there is a smile on the dude's face from ear to goddamn ear. Serious question: have these people ever been in the world? M.F. next season a girl is oppressed by how pretty she is.


    For real, an obese chick who won't date guys who are overweight. all of my what.

  19. Aight but can we also talk about how this supposedly takes place in New Orleans but they’re all wearing sweaters in September and NO ONE has an accent??????

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