I am soaking wet. Who did that?! Tom, aren’t these great!
I love these Silence Is Golden earplugs! What? I can’t hear you!
I’m wearing these stupid ear plugs! What did you say? What? Help! Help! Someone please help! Pretty please I’m too young to go splat! Hey, can we take these off now? What did you say? Huh? Can’t. Hold. On. Much longer. I’m not worried.
Everything will be okay. And now, back to Dan The Dentist. Say, Sally, I know a restaurant
that’s recommended by four out five dentists. How about a date? Just nod once for no,
and rinse and spit for yes. Super. I’ll pick you up at eight. And open. Dan you are one smooth-talking dentist. Give me the remote! Hurry!
Pajama Pals is about to start! No can do, little bud. Cause, this is a
special hour-long Dan The Dentist. Dan is unsure if he wants to date with Sally after he finds out she only has three wisdom teeth. But it’s the Pajama Pals
season finale! I need to see it. Pwetty pwease! Sorry, but oldest gets
to decide what’s on TV. It’s the law. What law? That’s not a law.
I know about laws. Now give me the remote! Give it, give it… Paja…Pa..Pajama… One day you’ll thank me Ginger.
Disappointment builds character. I remember the time unwrapped a
hamburger and there was only a bun. That moment helped shape the man I am today. Well, I know a law. Ginger gets
what Ginger wants. Good kid. Hank will pay for crossing…The Ginger avenger! I have here every prank I’ve ever thought up. No, that one needs a pie and an angry donkey. Too subtle. Oh wait, I don’t have an active volcano. Oh, this will be perfect! Oh hoh…Oh, hi Ginger.
Want a signature sandwich? This one is signed “Ben.” Last week I found one
with the name “Hands Off.” Must be Swedish. What was that voice?
Is someone there? I don’t hear anyone. Hank, is that you? You know
imaginary friends aren’t supposed to appear on their own. Um, I’m not imaginary. And imaginary friends
definitely aren’t supposed to say they’re not imaginary. I think you should
learn what “imaginary” means. It means you came from my head. Um, Ginger, that’s not where we
come from. I won’t say right now, but spoiler alert: It involves a
bird and a bee. And maybe a bear. Hank, where’d you go? Come on, don’t be mad. I’m right here. Oh, Hank, come back. Come on buddy. Boy, you wouldn’t believe what just happened. Ginger said I was imaginary and
wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for him. Can you believe that?… Tom?…Tom? Hey, Ben. Find any good molecules lately? Tom?…Ben?… You know, I can prove you’re imaginary. I don’t think so. I can make you do anything I want. And right now, I want you to think about pink elephants. See, you’re wrong.
Because the last thing I’m going to do is… I’m thinking about pink elephants! On stilts. Now, they’re on stilts! Juggling watermelons. Why are they so talented! And now I’m going to make you breath. Uh-uh. No way. That doesn’t prove anything. If you’re not imaginary, why don’t
you have a job like a real person? And, when was the last time you’ve got mail? Om…Well…I don’t know. Tom. Tom. Tom.
Current resident. That kind of counts. No, it doesn’t. Angela, is it possible
I’m Ginger’s imaginary friend? Are you for real? And now back to Mike And His Mustache. Mike, why did you grow that awful mustache? Listen, Toots.
Mike didn’t grow me. I grew him! Imaginary friends don’t get to decide what’s on TV. Well, if I am Ginger’s imaginary
friend, I’m going to be the best imaginary friend ever. Who’s your imaginary friend? Is it
a dragon, a pirate or a guy named Hank? It doesn’t really matter.
Because everyone needs a friend. Even me. Even trees. Everyone needs a friend. Who touched that toilet paper!? Bullseye! You’re a better shot than my
favorite TV pirate Long John Silverspoon. He’s on “Who Wants To Arrrggh?” I’m spelling a word in my song: B.U.D.D.Y… Oh, this will be good! – But that’s Angela.
– I think you mean “soaking wet Angela?” La, la, la, la,…– Arrrrrrgh! That was the best! Did you hear her? Arrrrrrgh! Aaaaaah! I am soaking wet! Who did that!? – Hank, help!
– Hold on! Don’t worry! Pull me up! Oh, no! What am I thinking?
Ginger, I’m just imaginary! You need someone real. But…! You’ll just slip through my imaginary hand! No, I won’t. Pinky swear! Hank, please help! I am so sorry Ginger. So sorry. Tom! Ben! Help! – What did you say?
– What? Hank, you are real!
I was being bad. I was playing a joke. Really? I was mad about Pajama Pals. I made a mistake. This is just like that episode of Bongo and McGillicuddy, when Bongo was convinced he was a toaster. – Aaaaaaaa…
– Ginger! Ah, I cannot believe this Tom!
Do you see how wet I am… Angela, wait! I couldn’t … Did you hear what she said? I couldn’t hear what she said! These ear things made me miss what Angela said! No! I ate already! So what?! She could’ve said anything! Like what if she said, “Tom, I get so
angry when I think of us not being together!” or “Tom, I’m madly, madly in love with you.” That’s it! No more earplugs. Precaution…do not eat Gingers leg.
This is a cast, not a signature sandwich. Ginger, I hope you learned a lesson from all this… I did. Like what? Uh… like… you should only throw water
balloons from flat rooftops? What lesson did you learn?! Me? Well, I guess I learned
how much I care about you, and even though you tricked me
in to being your imaginary friend. You can always imagine me as your real friend. For real. Alright, buddy. You pick the show. I want to watch this. Dan The Dentist?
When did you become a fan of Dan The Dentist? Let’s just watch your dumb show. Here’s a question for you, Sally.
Which is more valuable — money, like from the Tooth Fairy, or
friendship, like from Dan the Dentist? Nod once for money,
or rinse and spit for friendship. Super! I though you’d say that! Open. Rinse and spit, Dan. Rinse and spit.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Talking Tom and Friends – Think Hank (Season 1 Episode 14)”

  1. Hank is so stupid always instead of helping ginger he went to talk about stupid dumb bongo and mciluddy so stupid so suck hank at that part!!!!

  2. I'm Pretty Sure That if You Wore The Earplugs For Too Long You'd Go Def.
    And Ginger's A Kitten, Can't He Just Let Go?

  3. I donโ€™t know how to feel about Ginger. He is adorable but very very smart. So smart itโ€™s scary lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. 0:07
    Angela: Ah! I am soaking wet! Who did that? Uh?
    Ben: Are things great? I love these silent golden earplugs!
    Tom:What did you say? I can't hear you cause I am wearing these stupid earplugs!
    Me:So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WOW! I really love talking Angelaโ€˜s imaginary friend song!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿฅณ

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