[rock music] We’re here
at the Tom and Ben Indoor Track with scooter superstar, Angela! And rookie sensation, Ginger! Tom, this kid is an up-and-comer
who just needs a shot on that scooter! -Talking about Angela.
-Aw… Can she break the course record? Well, Tom. I think I’ll let
my new scooter answer that question. Woo-hoo! Oh! Aaah! Ooh! Whoo! Woo-hoo! I can’t believe I ever do things
that aren’t this! Aaah! -Aaah!
-Whoa! Woo-hoo-hoo! Aaah! [Tom] Uh-oh,
she’s headed for Ben’s desk. This could spell
computer-breaking disaster! Whoaaa! Gah! My concentration marble! Oooh! Angela, what are you doing
riding that thing in here? She’s breaking the course record! -Yeah!
-Yeah, she is! Woo-hoo! Stop!
My unexpected consequences marble! -Got it.
-Aaah! You fool! -That’s my giant explosion marble!
-Uh-oh. Duck and cover! [all] Aaah! [Ben sniggers] Just kidding. This is actually
my gotcha marble. Gotcha! [upbeat music] Ah! Argh! ♪ Whoa-ohhh! ♪ [laughs] Ah! [laughs] [clears throat] Where did you get this instrument
of desk destruction, anyway? Oh, I sold one of Angela’s songs. -Hmm.
-Yeah, I’m her manager now. My songs are paying
for my high-octane lifestyle. Look! Angela’s song is already on TV! [gasps] My song’s on TV? [upbeat music] ♪ You can yes!
We can yes! Everybody, yes, yes! ♪ You didn’t tell me about this! Aaah! I didn’t know! Wow! I’m an even better manager
than I thought. Who bought the song? Well, when you’re
a successful manager like me, you don’t focus on every little detail.Hello, I’m the CEO.[all] Aaah!For too long people in this city
have been struggling with something.And that something is…problems.That is so true. Wait, why did that just go
from my song to the CEO talking?Problems with traffic.Huh? Hmm.Problems with dirt.And worst of all, ho-ho,problems with small
garage-based app companies.Hey, you guys have a small
garage-based app company.Someone has got to do something
about all these problems,which is why I am running for mayor.[all gasp] Oh, no!Can we make this town problem-free?Let’s ask local pop star and singer
of my official campaign song, Angela.♪ You can yes! We can yes!
Everybody… ♪Tom, you sold my song to the CEO? OK, that’s bad, but it’s gonna be fine. Whoa! It’s the election for mayor. So… no big deal, right? I mean, no one will even notice. [phones ring] OK… [laughs] Lesson learned. From here on in, I promise
never to sell any of your songs to any of our enemies ever again. Argh! You better get my song back
from the CEO or you’re fired! And that’s gonna make things
very awkward between us. Hmm. Aww… Ginger, you don’t seem your normal,
perky, yet devious self. All I want is to have a turn
on the scooter and endanger myself and others. But you guys won’t let me. I think I have something
that will cheer you up. [bike bell] Ta-da! Oh? That’s just a regular bike. It doesn’t even have a motor. Huh! No motor, he says.
[engine ticking] Wha–? How are you doing that? Why don’t you ask these Bongo
and McGillicuddy trading cards? Whoa! This’ll do… for now. [CEO] Thank you for calling
the CEO’s campaign headquarters… Listen, you. You never told me you were you
when you bought Angela’s song, you!Your call is very important to us–Huh! A recording! Ha! I tricked– I tricked you! -Oh!
-I’m not a recording at all. Listen, I need to buy back that song. [sighs] I already spent the money
but I can offer you scooter rides. Are you free on Saturday? Interesting offer.
How about instead, I don’t know, I use your girlfriend’s song
to help me become mayor and destroy your business? No deal! I don’t give up that easy. If the CEO won’t give the song back,
then it’s time for plan B. Which is to ask Ben
because I’ve got nothing! What do you want, Tom?
I’m busy doing disappointment wheelies. Well, Ben and I solved your problem. Really just Ben. We can’t make the CEO
not have your song, but we can make people not hear it. -Here’s our plan.
-My plan. [distorted singing] Ew! What is this awful noise? Sing your song and you’ll find out. What? OK…♪ You can yes! We can yes! ♪
♪ Everybody… ♪[distorted] Yes! [muted]♪ Yes! We can yes! Everybody… ♪[muted]♪ You can yes! Everybody, yes, yes! ♪Whoa! I composed the exact opposite
of your song. When it is played at the same time
as the original, the song and the anti-song cancel
each other out. So, we have to go to every one
of his rallies and do this? Not if I can access his original copy
and merge it with my anti-song, destroying both files forever. You see, it’s like– Yeah. I know how songs work.
Let’s do this. Angela-approved? That’s not even my thumb! Don’t you worry,
we’re gonna get this guy. Here. Wear these so we blend in. [crowd cheers] [action music] Ha! Now, we need to get
to the music tent without being seen. I propose that we map a route– Hey, everyone!
Free flags, way over there! [crowd] Whoo! OK, now all I have to do is
find the Wi-Fi… Speaker wire? They couldn’t spring for Wi-Fi? [crowd cheers] Oh, yes, thank you, voters.
Yes, yes, it’s really me. Yes. Now, who here is ready for the “CEO for mayor
problem-solving cheer”? [crowd cheers] [epic music] What are we gonna solve? Problems! What are we tired of? [crowd] Problems! What do local garage-based
app companies cause? [crowd screams] Problems! Now, let’s listen to a song
that captures the can-do attitude of our problem-crushing campaign. [gasps] He’s about to play my song
to this enormous cheering crowd! Which is terrible. That’s the best worst problem.
That’d make a good song. I need more time. Stall! Operation Scoot Storm is a go. Over.Copy that, Traitor Joe.I never agreed to that nickname!Roger that, Traitor Joe.Ugh… Huh? [chortles] Wow, what a great thing
to happen at my rally! Let’s hear it
for the surprise biking boys! [crowd cheers] You’re doing it, guys.
You’re distracting him! -Nailed it!
-Hank, let’s switch rides. No, Ginger, you’re too young. Oh, come on, no fair!
I want a turn. Whoa, whoa, whoaaa! -Ooh! Argh!
-No! Ah! Hey! OK, that’s enough!
You were fun but now you’re a problem. And you know my position on problems! [both] Aaah! Ugh! Now, where were we? Hurry up!
They’re about to play my song. This is impossible. What kind of a maniac uses
un-color-coded wires? I can find it. It’s my song. [CEO] All right! My official campaign song. Let’s hear it… for Angela! There’s no conceivable way being the writer of the song
will help you know which wire– It’s this one. I can feel the rhythm. [upbeat music] [crowd screams] [CEO] Ah!
[crowd] Aww! [crowd boos] What was that? [gasps] You! Security! -Get on!
-Ginger! Wait, where’s Hank? Maybe don’t worry about that so much. Let’s ride! Hey, so much for the CEO’s
campaign song, huh, Angela? Am I still your manager? Sure, Tom. But, in the future, try to find out who’s
buying the song before you sell it, OK? [all] Aaah! Hey!
How did you get here before we did? Well, I have a helicopter. Look here, CEO. I know you’re here to beg
for that song back but it’s gone. Poof. Forever. That’s not why I’m here. I’m checking out the future site
of the town’s new toilet store. People say we don’t need
another one, but I think I can make it happen… when I’m mayor. What are you talking about? We destroyed your song
and messed up your rally. Ugh, who cares?
No one’s even running against me. Probably because
they’re all so scared of my success. I’m going to be mayor. And on day one, I’m going to put Tom and Ben Enterprises
out of business forever! You can’t do that! Oh, you don’t say?♪ I can yes! I can yes!
Something, something, yes, yes! ♪Tom, he’s shaking his butt
and messing up the lyrics. What are we supposed to do now? The only thing left to do. We beat the CEO in the election. That’s right. I’ll run for mayor. And I’ll win! The CEO might have fans and supporters
and power. But I’ve got– Hey, wait, are you even listening? [chuckles] No, why would I? Helicopter, away! I know you can’t hear me
over that helicopter, but this isn’t over! [upbeat music]

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