I’m so excited to be celebrating Angela’s birthday
at the diner, I’m announcing it as if we don’t already know we’re here to celebrate
Angela’s birthday at the diner. You guys… This is so sweet, but totally unnecessary. Don’t drag that banner, Hank! That was okay, Angela, but “okay” is the
enemy of great. So let’s try that line again with feeling. Ginger, why are you recording everything we
do? Oh, I’m just in the zone making my documentary. A documentary? That’s my favorite type of boring movie! Then you’ll love this one because it’s
about you guys, instead of interesting people. Here we go again. Should I show you to the same table you always
do this birthday thing at. “Same table”? Looks like somebody already had a birthday
party here. Says the same thing, every time. Huh? “Happy Birthday, Angela” What?! Ginger, are you getting this? Your documentary just turned into a docu-mystery. This is so weird, it’s like there was already
a birthday party for Angela before we got there. Are you having birthday parties with another
group of friends behind our backs? What? No! Are you guys throwing birthday parties for
another Angela behind my back? I’ll tell you what I’d like to know, why
is it so cold in August? Yeah, Angela… What? It’s not my fault. Why is all our stuff on the driveway? Wait, what happened? I just planted this corn a week ago! So singing to it does work… There you are. I warned you, did I not? Now this is what happens when you don’t
pay your rent for three months. Huh? But we did pay our rent. Every day the same thing. You all like: “but we did pay the rent”, and
I’m all like: “no you did not”. Incompetents! Uh-oh, this is getting serious. Will somebody tell me what is going on here? Tom, there’s a reason I’ve been recording
you– I mean, first the diner, now this! But… Tom– Someone’s got some explaining to do. I know what happened! I’ll show you– My precious stuff… strewn on the driveway
like not-precious stuff. This is your fault! You goofed off too much and didn’t pay the
rent! I paid! Hank must not have paid! What? I did pay. Ben must not have paid. Ben, I’m only saying that ‘cause it’s
your turn to be blamed. Listen to me! Your minds have– Ginger! Can’t you see the grown-ups — who know
a lot more than a kid like you — are trying to solve a serious crisis? Aw, forget it. Well, until we figure out what’s going on,
you guys can stay at my apartment. Yes! Great idea! I mean, you know, whatever the group wants
to do. Whoa! How much stuff do you have? I had to bring these. They may be tall, but they’re still too
young to be out at night by themselves. Kinda running out of room in here. Well… Your couch takes up a lot of space, but you
don’t hear me complaining about that. Now, Tom, help me move this to the closet– Sorry, I can’t, because… I… Ooh, uh, can’t stand working? Of course not. I… need to do something… Ooh! On my phone! That’s right! On my phone. Oh, that makes sense. Whoa! Hey, wait a minute guys! For reals! I just got an e-mail from the CEO! He’s inviting us over to talk about our
inventions! – Awesome! – Fantastic! Finally, some good news. It gets better. He wants us to meet him… Three months ago! Three months ago?! What? How could you miss a meeting with the CEO
and not notice for three months?! But, but… You know what, I don’t want to hear your
excuses. Just call the CEO and make another appointment. And what what exactly should I say, “Sorry
for keep you waiting for three months”? No. Say “two and a half months” and see if
he notices. Guys, I found these plans for a mind-erasing
device in my handwriting. But I don’t ever remember writing these… Wow. A mystery wrapped in a mystery inside of another
unrelated mystery! Is it possible that I invented a mind-erasing
device that then erased our memories? I don’t remember that happening, so yes
it is possible. It would explain a few things. And it’s the perfect excuse for why we missed
our meeting! Tom, the CEO isn’t going to believe such
a lame excuse… Hello! Tom of Tom and Ben Enterprises here. Now, I know it’s been two and a half months
since you invited us to meet. But here’s the thing: our minds were erased
and– You believe me? You want us to come over right away? Even better! That seems way too convenient. See? Two and a half months. Who’s the best friend I ever had? Who is? You know it’s you, Goldie! D’you like swimming over here? D’you likes swimming over here? You do, Goldie Fish. Daddy loves you. Phew! I’m just lucky I didn’t set off the corn detector
at the security gate. C’mon, boys! And when you’re done, we’re gonna play more
games! Yes we are! Hey! Tom and Ben! My favorite inventors! And… Oh, is that corn? Ah, corn. Reminds me of the simple, farming values — hard
work and honesty. That’s why I buy farms and replace the people
with machines. ‘Cause what’s more hard-working and honest
than machines, right? Yeah, so true! I mean… I always say that! Sir, we are so sorry for missing the meeting. No apologies necessary. We cool. Ever since I got new Goldie here, I’m a
more kick-back person. We’ve already made so many great memories
together. Goldie! Who’s a goldie fish? Daddy loves you! Daddy loves you! Right. Sorry again for missing this meeting, but
like I said on the phone, we have a really good excuse ’cause it turns out our memories
were actually erased by our latest invention. Yes, a mind erasing device! Imagine how dangerous that would be in the
wrong hands. Of course, I’d use it for good. And making myself CEO: Chief Everything Officer! Oh! So that’s what that stands for… How would that be good? It’d be good for me! Anyway, Ben, how would one… I don’t know… Take such a device and boost its power to… I don’t know… To mind erase everyone on the planet? Well, for starters I’m gonna need extra batteries… Skip to the end, I already know the starters. Ah, okay. I do suppose much of it is rather self-explanatory– Wait. Why would you need to know that, Mr. CEO? Unless you had the mind eraser! You mean…. This mind eraser right here? Wow! Got me again, Angela! Yeah, I did! Wait, I did? Wait, again?! That’s ninety-three straight times you’ve
figured it out before the boys. Wait. You’ve been erasing our memories! Yep. I took the mind eraser from you three months
ago and I’ve been modifying it every day since. It’d already be done, but Angela always
figures out my plan before I get all the info I need from Ben. So I have to erase your memories again. Again?! Well, let’s see here… You’d need at least three antennae. Fascinating. How long should they be? Oh, probably no longer than– Hold on. Why would you need to know that, Mr. CEO? Unless you had the mind eraser! Ok, look right here, and… –Tungsten! Antennae must be made of tungsten. Really? Why would you need to know that? Unless you had the mind eraser! Alright, hang on… And you’d be better with an amplifying cone. Oh, that’s brilliant! You have the mind eraser! It was exhausting. Going through the same thing everyday. Except for the corn. The corn is new. And now,I just need one last piece of info. Ha! You think I would ever tell you that what
you need is to split the oscillation fields into multi-dimensional quadrants? No chance. Multi-dimensional quadrants, eh? Got it! Ben! Now to memory erase you and take over the
world. Monday is Fun-Day! Wait! The corn! The corn is new! Everyone, get behind the corn! Huh? No fair. I just want to wipe your memories so I could
rule the world. Oh… Give me the mind eraser! I’ll take that. Nooo!! Goldie! Goldie, do you remember me? Please say something! Let me know you remember our good, good times! They’ve taken my one friend away from me! This just got personal! No. Super-Personal. C’mon! Let’s get out of here! Extra-Super-Personal! Times infinity! Now who doesn’t remember stuff?! Why did we invent a mind eraser with such
sharp edges? At least now it’s destroyed. The greatest thing I ever made… Broken. Done. And the Landlord let us move back in, after
no one would rent it ‘cause we left a… “Distinctive and unpleasant odor.” And that’s how my friends learned they should
always listen to me when I’m trying to tell them something important. Okay. Turns out you were the only one of us who
didn’t have his mind erased 93 times. So… did we miss anything else that was important? Well, we did plan for an invasion of alien
brain suckers but that got handled. Oh, and then you all became billionaires. About time! … But then you screwed it up. Yeah, we always do that. After that it was a lot of having that birthday
party over and over, Tom and Angela kissing, walking back to the garage confused– Wait. Did you say kissing? That’s ridiculous. It’s not a lie! Look. But… Tom… I don’t see any kissing. Yeah, me either. What are you even– We… We kissed… Wow! Guys, guys! There are plenty subscriptions left! Everyone can get one, just press here! Avoid Angela… And I’m done! How could Tom stand me up like this? It’s like my heart’s on an elevator that’s going down and… … Tom pressed all the buttons! Hi Angela…

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