Angela, you should have
seen me at the paper airplane throwing contest. My throw was perfect.
My release, just right. Wow, so you won, then? Woo-hoo! Well, I got eighth place.
Still top ten though. Oh – okay! There was a horrible
headwind… But I will not bore you with the details. Is that what I think
it is? Ooh! Move over! Ow, you almost squashed me! Quick, give me the remote! My powers. They’re gone. He’s back! That’s right, ladies. I’m back. Who’s back? Who? Tanner von Quads! Oh, that’s greeeat! Nobody talks! Do a triple spin double bicep flex! That triple spin double
bicep flex was for you. Thank you. Mac Thunder and his crew
have gone way too far this time! This dance park belongs to us. Dance battle! Dance
battle! Dance battle! Let’s dance battle for this park. Woo-hoo ! Tanner Von Quads is back.
“Get Down Two: The Uprising”. Coming soon to a theater near you. So soon, so near you. Finally! Finally! Finally! I have been waiting for
“Get Down Two: The Uprising” for like two years! You can tell that the plot is
the exact same as the first “Get Down” movie, right? Uhm. Not true. In the first one
they were trying to save a Dance Park. But in this one, they have to
let the Dance Park save them. Totally different! Some guy named Ruby
is calling you. Who’s Ruby? Ruby’s my friend! And she’s
not a guy. I have friends who are girls, you know. — Hello? – Hey, it’s me, Ruby.
– I know. – Did you see it?
– The trailer? Yeah, the trailer. I mean it was a-mazing. Un-believable. Isn’t Tanner Von Quads
totally perfect? Oh, like unbelievably perfectly
perfect, perfect, perfect! Let’s stalk him. I’m already on it. I’m in love. It appears you have an
expression of sadness on your face. How am I supposed to compete
with Tanner Von Quads? Oh, that? Tom, relax. He’s not
even real. It’s just a movie. Just a movie? Angel – I mean,
girls love him! No one calls their friends when I walk into a room. Why don’t you try to be the
perfect guy, just like Tanner? Thanks, Ginger. I wish there was
a way to do that, but there isn’t. Haven’t you ever heard
of Ideal Guy Headquarters? Ideal Guy Headquarters? It’s an exclusive website with
all the stuff you need to know to become a perfect guy. Uh. Did you hear that? Maybe
there’s someone you want to impress. All the answers to your problems
are right here in my hand. This website could make
me the perfect guy? Tom, the only things that
are perfect are numbers, and you don’t look like a 6,
a 28, a 496, or any other perfect number to me. Ben, I don’t know what girls
are looking for but I’m pretty sure it’s not whatever math
thing you just said. Oh. “The right sunglasses
for any time of day.” There are different kinds of glasses
for different times of days? I didn’t know this. “Ten new push-ups you’ve
never seen before.” You know, sometimes I feel like
they don’t want us to know about all the push-ups. “How to do everything
better and faster.” Okay, this is awesome! Pretty soon Angela is gonna
love you even more than she loves that Tanner guy! What? Angela? That is not
why I’m going to read this! Tom, we know that’s why you… Uh-uh, uh-uh, That’s not why! Hey, Man! – Oh, that’s me –
Welcome to Ideal Guy Headquarters. Click here to order your
Perfect Guy Starter Kit. Begin your new life
as an irresistible dude! Oh, you’re gonna be way
cooler than that Tanner guy! I will be cooler than Tanner. And
my starter kit will be here tomorrow. Huh ! I mean, it’s here! It’s… beautiful.
I mean – whatever. A little spray. What do you think?
Is it working? Tom, you put on a scarf,
a bracelet and cologne. How could that possibly
change how people react to you? How about now? – huh? Wow ! What is that smell?
It’s so handsome. Hey, cool glasses! I know. Well, Angela, you may be interested
to know that it just so happens that – No way! Ruby just got us
tickets to the premiere of “Get Down Two: The Uprising!” Oh-lala, premiere is French for
“you get to see the movie before anyone else” I know
because I used to live in French. You should sit in the front row
so the movie hits your eyes first! Yes! Tanner Von Quads will be
right in front of us on the big screen! Well right, yeah, but it’s not like
he’ll actually be there. Whereas right now, in front of you,
there is a guy who – What?! Tanner will be there?!
And he’s signing autographs?! Oh come o… I mean
totally cool, totally cool. The starter kit was a good start
but it’s not enough. I have to get another kit or do something. Or else you think you’ll
lose Angela forever… No! That is not what I said!
This is not why I’m doing this! Hank, log on to Ideal
Guy Headquarters. It’s time to get perfect-er. The perfect guy
works out every day. And drinks giant protein
shakes when he’s done. He should never ever be
without his signature shades. A perfect guy is like a shape
shifter. When necessary, he can assume the perfect body. Totally. And of course, every
perfect guy has an arsenal of dance moves ready
for use at any moment. So hot. You guys want
anything else, or what? I mean, is there anything
else I can get you? I mean anything else at all? Everything’s perfect… Rhonda. Gee, thanks… I mean, I don’t
usually say things like this but – uhm – you smell real good… I smell… ideal. You know what?
Dessert’s on me today. Did you see that? Free dessert!
I mean if this works on Rhonda, this will work on anyone. Definitely! I’ll be at that premiere tomorrow
and I’ll show Tanner Von Quads that he is no longer the most
perfect guy around! I am! I see him! Me too! Me too! He’s glowing
with handsomeness! I think we just made eye contact! No way! Are you guys
like in love now? Yeah. I think so! Is that… Tom? Do you know that guy? TVQ. What’s up man. You might
not know me, but I know you. Oh, hey man. Nice shades. TVQ. Stay beautiful. I’ll do the same. Hey man. You’ve been the most
perfect guy around for a long time, but I have news for you. There’s
a new lady’s man in town. And you are looking at him.
Because he’s talking to you. I’m talking to you. I’m talking
about me. But I’m talking to you. Listen, I’m just
doing my thing, man. Oh yeah? Well, now
I’m doing my thing. Hank, the music,
where’s the music, Hank? Sorry, sorry, so sorry. Oh no. System failure. Handsomeness
fading. Shutting down. Trippple spinnn double bicep
fleeeexxxx… Boop! Nooooooo! TVQ 5000. Tanner Von
Quads was a… robot? Wow. Plot twist. I’m confused and heartbroken! I’m just confused. He’s broken. Broken forever! Pff… Robos… Hey! That’s the guy that broke
Tanner Von Quads! Get him! What? I didn’t know. When being chased by an
angry mob the perfect guy always uses a helmet. Thanks! You sure were fast, but those
girls were faster. Then they caught you and started
punching you and kicking you. Anyway, you were there. Ha, sounds like you
were perfect out there. Oh, I’m sorry I ruined your
night and broke someone that you loved very much. Tom, I didn’t really love Tanner
Von Quads. I loved the characters he played in his movies.
The handsome, chiseled, manly… Well, at least now we
know that no real person could actually be as
perfect as Tanner Von Quads. I wish I knew that before
I bought all these sunglasses. Why don’t you donate
them to this charity for economically challenged cool guys? Charity is good. And Tom,
I do think you’re perfect. The most perfect friend in the world! Side-hug? Come here, buddy.

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100 thoughts on “Talking Tom and Friends – Every Girl’s Dream (Season1 Episode 30)”

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    Angela can be just friend with human.
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    Angela: Yes
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