Welcome back to Couple Clash The most romantic show on television Now it’s time for the next round Ryan, your first question What is your girlfriend, Daisy’s favorite
flower? This is super-easy. You got it, babe. Uh, let’s see… A rose? A rose?! Ryan, my name is Daisy! Wow, now that is a a bad couple. Yeah it is. I mean, you know my favorite flower,
right? What? Oh. Of course. I was gonna say… Rose? Tulip. Oh, geranium. Ok, well then what’s my favorite flower? That’s easy it’s uh rose. No. Are we a bad couple? I don’t know! Far from it! You guys are great! Hank, what are you doing? Oh, just capturing this couple’s moments for
the web-series I do about exciting lives. The fans love watching you guys date. We’re dealing with a relationship crisis–
wait. The fans love watching us date? Sure, check this trending board. Oh, wow. Tom, we have proof that we’re a good couple! Yeah, people from all over the world agree
that we’re hot! We’re the best! That’s for sure! Comments from the fans are
pouring in. Tom you’re the best… Angela I love you… Congratulations, you have won a free cruise… That’s not about you. But it’s still good
news! Couple’s moment! Couple’s moment! Couple’s moment! Okay, but who goes first? Whoa, you two are the top trenders! That’s just ’cause we’re totally right for
each other. High-five! What about me? You’re hot peppers and I’m
just a sick fish. Oh that’s a dead fish. What?! He was just resting like that gold
fish I got. Sorry, the trending board doesn’t lie. Well, I guess fans just love the Tom and Angela
relationship story. I’ve never felt more confident about us. Uh-huh, yep! And I can’t think of anything
that could possibly change that. Hands! Hot cheese! Hot! I never knew a burrito could make me feel
this way! Sorry guys, duty calls! Ben, there’s no easy way to put this, but
it’s my medical opinion you’ve got messed up hands! I’m afraid you won’t be able to use them for
a week. A week?! Two weeks, if you keep doing that. But what about my long-distance girlfriend,
Xenon? We communicate through the computer and I
need my hands for that. Using your hands on a computer could make
them super messed up! But this week is our pi anniversary! 3 months, 1 week, 4 days, 1 hour and 59 seconds
since our first date! Isn’t there something you could do to help
me? What’s that nurse who definitely exists? Oh! That’s sounds very important! Gotta go! Tough break, Ben… But look at the bright
side! The fans love your pain! Check out these comments… Ben, I love your pain. Ben, you and hot cheese are hilarious. Hurry, your free cruise offer is about to
expire. Oh, that guy again. That’s weird. ‘Cause I feel we’re getting
better and better as a couple, but it’s not being reflected on the trending board. Huh, Hank’s trending machine must be broken. No, my machine is fine. It’s just that it’s
gonna be hard for you two guys to trend like Ben. Have you seen his zany shenanigans lately? I just spent three hours trying to floss. Great! You’re nailing it, Ben baby! I’m in agony. Hang on, wait for me! We’re less interesting to the viewers than
burnt hands? What does that say about us? I’m sure it’s nothing. Just a little rough
patch we’re going through. We’ll be back on top soon! Oh no! Xenon is calling! Accept! Accept it! Hi! Uh… Ben? Are you there? I’m here, I’m here, my sweet! I bet you’re doing the thing that looks like
you’re not there, but you’re really there but then you’re not there. Because… It’s working. Because I don’t see you at all. Nothing works! Looks like you could you a helping hand. Or should I say… Two? I don’t need your help. I know you’re just trying to move up that
stupid trending board. Ben, are you ignoring me? I’m not ignoring you! Uh, I guess, if you hate me now just continue
to not answer this call. No, no no! I don’t hate you now! Oh, well… I’m gonna go now. I think I’ll just spend the rest of the day
thinking of things I might have done wrong. Talk to you later. Bye. Fine. I need your help! I will be your hands! Oh, you don’t hate me. That’s neat. I see. Ginger, wave to Xenon. Oh, what happened? Did you burn your hands on a burrito and now
you’re using Ginger as your arms? Yes. Though Ginger is also using me. You see… He’s pigging back off of my popularity
for the trending board. Piggy backer. Hank, we’re not top trenders anymore. Does that mean we aren’t a good couple? Well, the board does indicate that the fire
between you has cooled. You’re right between microwaved popcorn and
plain yoghurt. What happened to us? I don’t know, but I’m not giving up on us. If people are losing interest, we’re just
gonna have to do whatever it takes to get get that interest back. You’re right, Tom. Let’s get out there and
trend harder! Rolling! And action! Oh, hey viewers. We didn’t see you there.
We were too busy being such a great couple. We’re also a great couple’s band, and we’re
called “The Perfect Pair”. You have to be a really good couple to have
a couple’s band. And we have one. And a one, and a two, and a three and a four. It’s two strawberries on a vine / it’s two
bumblebees feeling fine / it’s two old shoes making a pair It’s the last slice of pizza that we always
share Hank, where did you go? Don’t drop it. Catch that one! Don’t mess it up. We’re doing great! Hank? What?! Stop distracting me! Quiet. Arms can’t talk. Great stuff, Ginger, baby! The viewers are
loving ya! Ginger is the best! Ben is still tots adorbs. Your free cruise left without you. Aw, man… Hank, you left us! If you don’t show the fans how great our relationship
is, then how are we supposed to trend, huh? Sorry, but you gotta give the people what
they want. They want us! Don’t they? Look. I’m not saying you should break up because
you’re not trending, but… If you wanna save your relationship, try to be more like Ben. What? Well, Xenon, this was fun. And you know we’ll have even more fun tomorrow. For our big pi anniversary! Arms. Disgusting. Angela, if that’s what the fans want, I say
that’s what we give them. Yeah. I’m really gonna miss you if this doesn’t
work. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Oh, isn’t it? I marked every radial with a
different shade like you like. Oh, Zeny! In the equation that is our lives, when I
solve our X I only see you! Gross! Ow! Not gross, arms. I’m being smooth! Hello everyone! How is it going? Still trending higher than Angela and me? That’s cool. Excuse me? This is a private date. Yeah! A private date! For Ben’s pi anniversary! Well, we’re having a pie anniversary too. The anniversary of when we had pie. That’s not what a pi anniversary is! Ours is. Yeah! Why are Tom and Angela acting so weird? Tom, could you get me a pie anniversary slice
of the sliced anniversary pie? Of course, Angela. I’ll just use both if my
hands. Ah! Pie! Hot! Hands burn! Oh no! I said. That’s clearly an ice cream pie, Tom. That pie was so cold I froze my hands. Oh no, again. Ben, I’m confused, was the pie hot or cold? Don’t worry, Tom. I will be your hands! Wow! Hey I see what’s going on. You guys are stealing
my idea to get to the top of the trending board! Not in the face! You guys are idea stealers! Idea stealers? That is a dirty lie! No! I’m sorry it came to this, but I am trying
to save my relationship! By ruining mine? Nobody’s ruining anything. It’s ok, guys. I don’t thing that the pie
actually got into — No! Xenon! I think we got a little carried away with
the trending back there. We should’ve known that the trending board
doesn’t tell you about your relationship. It just tells you that you’re trending. I mean, it is in the name, yeah. Tom, we worked so hard to show that we have
a good relationship because we have a good relationship. Oh, and my favorite flower is a sunflower. Wow. Ben, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe we let our insecurities ruin
your weird pie thing with Xenon. It’s okay guys. You just don’t know how to
date yet, so you look to a much stronger couple for inspiration. Wait. You’re not a stronger couple than us.
If anything, we’re stronger couple than you! Oh, please. You are nothing compared to the
power couple that is known as Xeben. Or Benxenon. We’re not sure yet. We’re working on it. We got both URLs. You’re never even in the same room! Surprised? Guys, I couldn’t stop them. He used his game show host-fu. That’s right. I was riveted by the relationship drama on
Hank’s web series. And I want you to be contestants on the very
next episode of Couple Clash. We’ll do it! Tom. Angela. Ben. Xenon. Let’s get clashy.

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