…so I said, “YOUR-anium, more
like MY-anium!” Ha? Am I right? I love watching Ben do stand-up. He’s awful! I can’t do this anymore! Even
my fake laugh sounds fake. Listen: Ha! Ha! Good one, Ben. Hm, try this. Wait, that’s fake? That’s how
you laugh when I tell a joke. Oh, Tom. You’re so funny. Bromine. Right, bro? Mean. Cadmium. I just met him. Iodine. I-oh-dying up here. Cat got my Tungsten. Iridium… Ha-ha! Hey, there he is! Ben the comedian! Yeah, way to go, buddy! Don’t bother lying to me. I bombed. Oh thank goodness!
He already knows, guys. It just doesn’t make sense!
I know my jokes were humorous! Look at this spreadsheet. Every joke I
did tonight was from the “funny” column. I know the problem! You think your
jokes are funny, but they’re not funny. Oh! That’s why no one was
laughing! Your jokes aren’t funny! No, my jokes aren’t the problem, I know
that! But there’s some piece of the comedy puzzle that is still missing,
and I’m going to find out what that is! Ha-ha-ha! How was that? Better. Oh! Eureka! My research is complete. I’m happy to say
that I finally found a way to perform comedy so my material gets the laughter
it deserves! This is gonna be really big! Sounds like you’re ready for some jokes! You know why I don’t trust atoms? Because, as we know from science,
atoms make up everything! That’s a good one, huh? Oh my face! Ben is huge! How could he possibly get that big? The Gain-A-tron! My research proved
that big equals funny, and this device will instantaneously quadruple my
size. This is what I was missing! Right, so why did the chicken
cross the Möbius strip? To get to the same side! Why are they laughing? No one
even knows what a Möbius strip is! Can it, tiny! I’m tryin’ to laugh
at that house on the stage! I don’t think Big Ben is getting
laughs for the right reasons… You’re right, I’ve seen this before.
They’re laughing at him. This is communal shaming. Pardon me, I just need
a little liquid refreshment. Be careful there. Who wants to hear a jape
about a focused ray of light?! And that, my friends, was comedy. People were definitely laughing… Precisely! My invention, the Gain-A-Tron,
has given me a huge comedy stage presence to match my already hugely funny material. You’re hugely wrong. No one thinks
your jokes are funny. It must be that people were laughing at you. As opposed to laughing with you. False. They were laughing because
they understood my clever wordplay and my science-based comedy. Ben! I didn’t understand a word you
said, but you sure were funny! – Up top!
– Put it there, pal! You’ve done it again! Good one! It’s not working. We’re not strong enough. Keep pushing. Just get me to the couch.
I don’t have all day here, you know. Hey guys, maybe this would help? – Is everyone Okay?
– I am fine. It’s not fine! Ben ate Ginger! No. He’s right here. That was disgusting! Ben, this isn’t worth it. Your size
is getting in the way of your life. But it’s not getting in the way of my comedy. It’s not comedy! You’re not funny,
Ben! You’ve never been funny! The audience would beg to differ. Everyone’s laughing at you
cause you look ridiculous! You could read names out of a school
yearbook and get the same response. Absurd! My audience can tell
the difference between a well-crafted joke and a list of random words! Oh yeah? Prove it! Maybe I will! And then the molecule replied, “Osmosis!” You could read names out of a school
yearbook and get the same response. And now I think I am gonna roll. I think
I’m gonna try out some new comedic material. Robert Jones. Suzie Daniels. Ah, the chess club. Stan Miller… Michael Smith… Hey, let me try. Hi, my name is Ginger
and I’m not a comedian! Doug Jones… See, Ben? I’m just as funny as you.
Even funnier. And I’m cute. Give me that book! Blimp fight! The laughs
don’t get any bigger than this! I just wanted people to think I’m
funny, but Ginger was right. They were laughing because I was huge. I might as well put the Gain-A-Tron
in reverse and go back to plain old Ben. Hey, where is the Gain-A-Tron? Uh-oh. My butt did a bad thing. That was my only prototype. I guess you’re just going to be stuck this way. I guess so. Unless… Hey, me jumping on you is really deflating you. Oh, excuse you. Looking smaller, buddy! You know… this whole experience
has taught me… a lesson. I want people to laugh at my… wit, not at me. And that
will take time… patience, and diligence… As I was saying… I’m already developing
a hilarious new routine… about gravity. Sounds pretty… heavy. That one was a fake one, wasn’t it? Tom, please leave the
comedy to the comedians. Hey, let me try! Geronimo! Noooooooo! My butt did a bad thing again!

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