[Music] well you know what we have found out
that you can never get enough of the crazy Jake stories and right now jack is
going to share another one with us Well in 1993 I was going out first water and
there was a two guys coming out first water with a pack horse the pack horse
had an ordinary rock or yard rock on it there’s no out of first water area
that’s that was either railay toward a site the rock was either railay toward a
site and one or it wasn’t anything that’s resembled or and it was poking
out and I picked a little piece out and well they had stopped to get a breather
for their horses and I looked at it and I said yeah and and the guy on the horse
one of the men on the horse turn around and he said put that down put that back
right away and okay I said I knew there were crazy guys out there I knew and I
known the story already of crazy Jake everybody knew that’s one of the first
stories you learn when you come to this area so I didn’t equate put the two and
two together and I said well listen let me take you guys photos it’s a great
photo cuz we don’t get too many guys carrying over out of the mountains lemon
please let me get your photo the guy pulled his gun out on me was a it was a
revolver looked like a 45 colt looked like a 45 Colt revolver because being a
policeman I carried a 6-inch Colt at one time so it looked like Colt to me it had
that black finish on it and he said no pictures no pictures he was really mad
he was acted like a crazy man I said I just wanted to get a photo no pictures
and so I put my camera away I said I’ll tell you what I’m gonna put my camera in
my backpack will that make you happy said yeah
no peppers it was really upset about that I looked at this so I had an
opportunity for five minutes to look at it got none with a guy a person does
something almost the violence and points a gun at you
you remember that God forever you’ll remember him forever and so I’ve had
this picture burnt into my brain of this guy and I’m gonna look him up see if
there’s any reason why guy would do that it was your Drock he was carrying out
but the the the other guy on the other horse looked like like you human I’ll
tell you this he didn’t have cowboy boots on his plants pants were light
blue he had tennis shoes on it looked like he
was a he looked like he was a flatland tourist or as people would call that he
was an ordinary jamoke from back East somewhere and he was going out into the
mountain but the guy was dirty grubby look Rabia unshaven and a guy that was
downright serious about his heaviness photo not taken who why not I’ve only
met two or three other people like that in my whole life that said nope in the
mountains so I I got no problem but I let him go and they go on around the
bend and they’re gone and I’m saying I should have taken that photo while they
were leaving I scrambled to get into my backpack to get the camera and I only
carried little cameras so at that time I was carrying little we went and so I was
scrambling to get its travel to get it by time I get it up and get focused
whatever like a manual gone a shot was gone the guy in the front was gone I
only I only had the guy so I didn’t take the guys the back picture I don’t care
about him it was the whole scene that I wanted to have a prospector coming out
with another prospector or whatever or his or his money man the guy that that
grubstaked them and that’s what I was thinking the
this Easterner or whatever it was westerner but city slicker city slicker
I’ll pull he grubstake this prospector to go in the superstitions and bring out
some more or bring out what he thought might have had mineral
gold I didn’t know at that time that there was no gold in the western end of
the Superstition Mountains I didn’t know that at that time I didn’t know the
demarcation line was about you at Canyon anything east of you it you probably in
right around Garden Valley east and north you could find gold but nothing so
but this first water when I went back and start talking to somebody I knew
about it and start looking it up he said well that sounds like crazy Jake I said
it sounds just like I said he wasn’t a tall guy and he was he was bald on top a
hair on his side cuz he he took his little hat off to wipe his head from
sweating and it was bald on top and I said he looked like a cab driver from
New York City you know and I think crazy Jake was from New Jersey or New York so
anyhow I come back talking about and I start looking up the story of crazy Jake
and I find a photograph so that’s a damn that’s who it was but then I started
reading more about it and said it said that crazy Jake died about 1991 and here
was the story he died in Phoenix exposing a heart attack a doctor
certified him dead and then they shipped the body to Wickenburg for cremation
then brought back but the dust back to Phoenix for burial wherever and I were
talking to some of my newly acquainted Dutch hunter things of poo-pooed said
that couldn’t have been crazy Jake he died in 91 you couldn’t have seen him in
93 or 94 ah there’s the mystery the mystery crazy Jake you know took
millions of dollars from doctors lawyers Indian chiefs whatever hit take your
money he love young girls and partying spend a
lot of money and he was a flim-flam guy from the word go he was a flim-flam man
talk people should have been a used-car salesman back in the day
crazy Jacob Marley made his millions they’re legally semi legally anyhow but
reading more about it and and talking to Bob Corbin later I met Bob Corbin talked
to him but crazy prosecuted crazy Jake I got that’s another story though for
another day that whole scam thing but reading up on crazy Jake and the
newspaper are quoted that crazy Jake had paid to women did he flim-flam and there
was about 120,000 but he had paid them forty seven thousand and then he went to
jail and he feigned illness or whatever they let him out of jail after two years
after two years would have made it about the time he might have been in the
Superstition Mountains bringing out Rock yard Rock and getting enough money to
live live a life I always figure crazy Jake went to Hawaii and was laughing and
was just a tourist or wore wig and nobody would know him over there that’s
my take on crazy Jake I think he cheated death he cheated everybody he cheated
everybody why not death I think crazy Jake cheated
death faked his own death he had all these lawyers that he owed money to so
he was going to pay some money back to one of those doctors give them back some
money or give them something yard rock that he said was gold or would have been
another scam and then he went on his merry way with some young bimbo on his
arm and thighs the way and lives till he dies Jake I hope you did it but you
should never pointed that damn gun at me that’s my story on crazy Jake
so did crazy Jake faked his own death was he still alive just another one of
the mysteries of the Superstition Mountains

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. Man I tell ya the more stories I hear the better they get .Ha ha .don't matter if they be true or not, it's the not knowing that draws you in. Great story.

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