Welcome back to EmRatThich’s channel. In january, Dimitrij Ovtcharov has
gained the World Ranking number 1 for the 1st time. This takes a lot of attention
from the media. But in March 2018, Timo Boll has become the
World Number 1. And today, in May 2018, that’s Fan Zhendong
is the World number 1. And this guy, yes! This guy, is only ranked as number 9 on the
World Ranking. He has
just dominated the World Championship 3 days ago. he has served as A/Y (decided
core player) in the final of 4 WTTTC, an honor and a duty. He also made a record winning streak of 22
matches without dropping a single game. (3-0, 3-0, 3-0, 3-0, 3-0, 3-0, 3-0, 3-0, and
3-0 yes 22 times). He has won the World Number two, 3-0 in the
team Final match. But please, don’t blame Timo Boll. He has politely said that “Germany top seed,
but China the favourite”. So
not only the viewers, but also the players, are the “victim” of the new
ITTF World Ranking. But what is changed? Well! ITTF World Ranking is used to be the accurate
“World Ranking” which reflects the true player’s strength. The better player were ranked higher! But since 2018, ITTF has applied the “new
World Ranking system” which actually make a lot of confuse to fans and players
around the world. What is the New
Ranking System? The new ranking is calculated for the position
reached, but not from the opponent. So at the same tournament, if you win Ma Long,
or you win the WR #600, you got the same point! (LOL – ridiculous!)! This setup breaks the the true meaning of
ranking! Only bonus points! If you are ranked #2, and if you lost to the
#400, don’t be afraid! your rating points won’t drop! Just play and abuse more matches! And your ranking is only valid for 12 months. 🙂 Next year, you will be noone! And only the best 8 results count. So the guy won 8 matches, and lost 0, and
the guy won 8 matches, and lost 300 matches will
get the same points. (LOL!) This is the most stupid one “No loss of points”. Because the “ranking”, or the “ladder”
is to compared between players. If a higher ranked player lost to a lower
ranked player, he should lose the point. Now, don’t worry! Just play! If you don’t like, give them a free win! 😀 As you can see, there are many flaws in the
new ranking system. 1) It breaks the true meaning of ranking system
2) It removes good players from the current ranking
3) It’s not accurate! The higher ranked player is not the best player
4) It favors “abuse”: players get ranked by massing game, and free-win Now the current ITTF Ranking system is not
the “World Table Tennis Ranking” anymore. But you should consider it as: “The Most Active
players ranking in the World Tours” But why ITTF changed the ranking system? It’s the question of “money”! Steve Dainton,
the new CEO has claimed “new system will increase prize money”. “to sell the events better to our broadcasters
and to sponsors”. Yes, it’s for the money! But it’s very bad, and confused for the players,
and the viewers of the sports! 🙁 (Sad
but true!) Because there is no “true world ranking” at
the moment, I spent hours and hours to code my self 🙂 I want to find out “Who is the best table
tennis players in the world right now”. I have explained the core, the algorithm of
the code on my blog (PingSunday) And here you are! Here is the code to calculate the rating points
of the top players in the world. The data is thousands of matches of ITTF’s
tournaments. Using the ELO rating core system, with different
types of weighting factors: tournament the big one, the small one, the score, the
difference in rating points, the player can gain
or lose the point. So we have a accurate and balance system. And here are the results, the real top table
tennis players in the world – May 2018. This ranking is based on ELO system (which
is used widely in Chess, and in other sports). This reflects the true player’s strength,
that’s why it’s not the same as the current ITTF world ranking list. In statistics, the rating performance should
follow the Normal Distribution. The gaining
points and the ranking points are checked to this. While the current ITTF world ranking
fails to predict the winning percentage of a player. Will I upload the World Ranking every month? – Yes, the programme is here. All I need is the data base, all the matches
played in every month. So I’m willing to publish this World Ranking,
so you can estimate who is the real top players in
the world. But I have a bad news for you. ITTF has recently disabled the “Export function”. So now, I can not get the data any more. 🙁 Without the data from ITTF,
I can not run the code to get the real World Ranking. So what to say? Thank you ITTF, and good luck with your “Confused
Ranking system”.

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