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23 thoughts on “Table Tennis Training China with the Legends | Cai Zhenhua (蔡振华)”

  1. rightly said about the volume… pls remove it, because we wish to listen to your explanations more than the music…

  2. Hi Coach Emrathich ! I really enjoy watching your videos and have learnt a lot from them, they also motivate me to become not only a better player but to remember that we can always improve ourselves just like how your English and video quality has ! My humble suggestion that I feel would help make your channel more professional and updated is if you could review, update and remake your older videos. This would make them more comprehensible and serve as a reminder for all viewers on the relevant skills and techniques, as table tennis is always evolving just like your channel ! Keep up the good work, cheers from Singapore 🙂 💪👍🏻👏🏻

  3. EmRat you are amazing in your explanations. I feel that I have a coach that I can turn to for "real" solutions. Thank you for your time and dedication to the sport. Much Blessings !!!!

  4. The automatic tranlation text is not correct, I prefer read the text you give on screen, but it's too small to be read, pls make it bigger.. Thanks

  5. You know it has been said that Europeans/Westerners are stronger in terms of physique compared to Chinese players. Thus u would expect them to have more powerful shots than the Chinese. However this assumption is wrong to the extent that the Chinese are stronger than the Westerners and thats because they work longer and harder than non asians. In particular their strengthening regime is rigorous and results in a stronger player. This is the real reason why they are powerful stroke makers. Power from the ground is mostly flawed for explaining their power. If non asians worked on their physiques as much as the Chinese they too would have as powerful strokes as the Chinese. Also the Chinese have world class players to practice with . Even other asian countries dont have that depth. Yes.power from the ground as a technique explains power to a certain extent but if the Chinese didnt do any 'away from the table conditioning' even with power from the ground they wouldnt be much different in their stroke power with non asians. Also the Chinese are chosen as children to hopefully become world class players. In other words scouts select them based on skills and having the table tennis physique. All of this and doing 10,000 hrs to master every aspect rather explains their power BETTER than the technique of power from the ground alone. Besides, maybe their shots are not as powerful as you would think. I mean it may be an illusion in that until their strokes are scientifically measured how do we really know that to be the case. In fact when watching tournaments the average shot speed is often shown in the stats box and alot of the time there is no significant difference in speed with non asians at times seemingly faster!!….YEP HERE COMES THE BOSS. IF ZJK DOESNT GET TO IT HIS FAMILY WILL BE SENT TO THE COUNTRYSIDE TO TILL RICE!! (COMMIE PARTY POLICY)

  6. Ad ơi cái quả giao của shang kun bản thân nó xoáy ngang sang trái mà cai zhenhua thuận tay trái thì lúc giật vợt chống xoáy rồi còn zhang jike tay phải cho nên giật bóng sẽ bị tóe về bên trái có đúng ko

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