hello everybody welcome to math Academy Channel today I want to show you how to click identify to open rooms plain style this skill is very important in table tennis in the tournament or in every table tennis match you must quick identify the opponents playing style to find a good tactics so one of the most important skill you must develop as a table tennis player ability to quickly size up your opponent quickly analyze explain style and Phi a good tactics to counter this strength very important so give me the one up you should regarding to identify is is a forehand dominant player of the backhand dominant player and now if you can identify this trend you can find a good tactics where to serve and where to attack very important how how to identify this based on look at history this position this legs the distance from the table where it is elbow points so look at his tip bracket and this trip this position is very important during the run-up and you can find a good tactics before the match starts very salute your advantage for hand dominant player for hand dominance player he will use the forehand grip you can identify it forehand grip easily look at the picture my longwood is the forehand grip the right foot is well behind the left foot and he stands on the backhand side his elbow point is on the backhand side and the forehand dominant player he loves to pilot hybrid is using the forehand to attack around his backhand corner look at here this is hybrid hybrid is his strength so to identify the position of the forehand dominant player is easy like Milo you can find a match of mallow and you will see that not long on ways the position of Milo is own way on the backhand corner why because because with this position he can use the forehand on another table even on the backhand on the middle table in the front forehand table fine yes so that’s why the forehand Romanian player like to take the position to stand like this because he can use his forehand on all of the table and he won – and he won to hide his elbow point because when you hide your elbow point you can hide your weaker backhand side so that’s why the elbow point of the forehand opening player is on the backhand side so you can hide your width weakness so how to serve you should serve to his weak spots so on the figure is the red hot spot so you serve long into the worldwide forehand and long to hit backhand side why so I will explain you why we use these served tactics first you reserve block long bow to his backhand side so he has two option if he used this backhand return so he used his weaker side so now you has the advantage and if he private so he turned around and used it for him to attack the long ball now you you can block the ball to his fine form hand so you can win this door easy and you shoot very very H very Joe service long one long one ball to this long by backhand and one ball to this one forehand so the tactics is my team expose his backhand so this is a good tactic so serve long to his backhand corner and sometimes so long to his wife forehand corner and you can win easy points because he tactics can surprise him okay and make him disadvantage and another tactic is you so shot into the right forehand side why because when you serve shot into the one forehand side you will make him move he will move outside of his favorite corner his favorite corner is attack on his backhand corner now if you serve short to his wife forehand side and now he will move from his present position to return the ball and now your next ball you attack to his wine back him and that’s it a good tactic make him expose his weak backhand remove this trained pivot and let him move from his favorite corner so last one this is the tactic to serve and where to attack because I remember it when you find a forehand dominant player use this tactic to serve and to attack the two option long cheap wine for hand clung to his backhand side and shot into the one forehand side very good tactics I can dominant player the example of this type layer is dimitrij ovtcharov so a backhand dominant player backhand dominant player will rarely run a roundish backhand to pivot he will return all of the ball on his backhand side and even under me table on the middle of table with his backhand this is because he is stronger with his backhand so why he prefer attack return on the ball on of the ball on his backhand side and the middle table with his backhand so Dimitri Otero is the example of this plain Stein his forehand is strong too however his backhand is stronger and thick hit Diddy’s display is time attack fast attack powerful attack with the backhand so what is the characteristic of the backhand player I can dominant player use backhand grip and look at here the feet are parallel and he stand near the center of the table and the elbow point is not on the meet forehand side why because if with with this elbow point he can use this backhand side to cover as much of the table as possible that’s why I look at here you can look at the figure and look at the elbow of Dmitri Otero this elbow is on the mid on the middle of the table so that’s why we can allow him to use his backhand at the large domain on the table point and to identify the backhand dominant player is easy normally their steady position is parallel because with this position he don’t need to pivot down me to turn around the backhand corner so he the backhand dominant player has a steady position they won’t move much okay so backhand dominant player has an advantage compared to the forehand appearance player they don’t need to move as the forehand dominant player however there is a weakness of the backhand dominant player I will show you how to serve and how to attack when you play with a back end dominant player very interesting so general there are only two type y can dominant and forehand dominant player so you should serve too long down the elbow or Y on the backhand side y very interesting this tactic so first of all you serve long down the elbow so directly to his table because it’s difficult to return to bra playing at your elbow fast to the elbow is difficult and well and and very or change your service by y on the backhand side so look at the picture if you serve like that is difficult to receive because the ball long fast to the white backhand side and long to your elbow so the tactics need increase the stress and make his elbow shift further to the forehand side so making him very vulnerable to a ball on the line backhand so this is the first tactic and the second template is now user shot on the forehand side and shot on the elbow why because when you serve like that you will make him move away move from his favorite corner his favorite corner is the middle of the table and with yourself like that you will expose his weakness where it is witnessed his weakness is his elbow okay remember the four hand dominant weakness is his backhand and the backhand the windin weakness is his elbow when you serve like this you will make him difficult to choose which side of the table will him you play for example with you so directly to his elbow he hesitates you don’t know which side forehand side or back hand side to attack to return the ball so the witness is is able that’s why we use this stuff it’s very important very the position of service and we make him very vulnerable to the ball for example now I serve the ball long to his elbow and E we move further to the forehand side and now the next ball I will attack to the wide backhand and now I win the ball so that’s why I use to use these tactics so long to the elbow and attack on the line backhand or so short to the forehand side my key move and attack on this elbow or is wipe again so this topic is very interesting so I hope you enjoy my video how to quick identify the open plains time and I have give you a good tactics to serve and to attack versus four hand dominant place time and by can dominant Plains time credits empathic gaming channel and if you want to support my channel you can go to the patreon calm and the thick and then I will update many table tennis tactics see you have fun [Music]

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41 thoughts on “Table tennis Tactics | Quick Identify Opponent Playing Style”

  1. so I am a dominant forehand player and if people serve fast long to backhand side I 90% get the point by hitting it…

  2. using ma long as an example of forehand player is really not a good choice, as his backhand is not weak – probably as good as anybody in the world. table tennis tactics for ma long fh would be different than tactics against average fh player.

  3. Ma Long and Ovcharov are toast now since you have revealed their playing styles and how to attack their weaknesses! Damn!

  4. Problem I run into a lot is, what if opponent's weak side is much stronger than your strong side? lol. And problem w/ serving long to a good player is he'll smash it. So when you serve long, be ready for a fast ball coming at you.

  5. Very nice video. I found it thoughtful and helpful to my table tennis. I will definitely try these serve tactics and concepts. Thank you very much!

  6. Very nice video. I found it thoughtful and helpful to my table tennis. I will definitely try these serve tactics and concepts. Thank you very much!

  7. u explain all these concepts with very minute detail you might be having high national rankings in your country do you like to share your achievements and rankings with us

  8. Who is crying at 6:28 😂😁😀
    Overall it was a funny,stupid video full of fake tactics.
    There is nothing in this video but they try to make the video as long as possible.

  9. @EmRatThich.. Firstly Happy new year in advance. Thumb up for your good work keep it up.on your video time 4:08–6:30 concerning FH Dominant player. Can you tell me which kind of serves i can serve and attack on –1)Wide FH side . 2) Wide BH side (3) short wide FH side.

  10. On Video time 9:52–13:00 concerning BH Dominant player. Which type of serves i can serve and attack on — (1) Long down the elbow (2) Wide on the BH side (3) Short on the FH side (4) short on the elbow. ?

  11. serving short ball make him to move from favouriate corner for forehand dominant player.
    1 short in his forehand side
    2 long in his back hand side
    1 short in his backhand side
    2 middle in his backhand side

  12. all these pro have experince for table tennis ….these tricks do not work for ma long e.g ma long is fast on is legs and back is good for block he is strong all round the table … even strong chopping balls he open it easly….to win a good player your game must be A game too ….and your mental power also concentrate power must be working perfect together….. to be a winner…..I am playing first class table tennis in clubs table tennis is a talent sports you either have it in your body or not ….style and service is the key in table tennis

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