Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today is 23 April 2017, our “Special Ping
Sunday”. I will talk about the fundamental concept
in table tennis tactics and strategy that every coach and player should know. Some viewers said to me “Why don’t you make
Ping Sunday every week? I’m so disappointed”. Thank you. But I make coaching videos only in my spare
time. It’s my hobbies. Some coaches make the videos for business,
such as: Pingskills, with 160$ membership per year. Coach Samson Dubina, with 50$ for the coaching
DVD. or Table Tennis University, with about 300$
for 10 courses bundle. You get my videos every week for free. So you need to wait. Why are tactics so important in table tennis? These are my 2 notebooks where I note my coaching
experiences since 2012. There are many many matches that my players
are about to lose (0-2), but with good tactics, I have changed the outcome, the result of
the match (3-2). I quickly identify the problem, and gave to
my players the simple tactics: where to return the ball, serve short or long, without spin
or topspin, how to return the tricky serve of the opponent, where to attack, make the
aggressive time-out in the close situation, how to gain the control, mental coaching,
identify the player weakness and more. In my opinion, the good coaching is very important
in table tennis. My tactics not only help my players win more
but also give my players the confidence. I still remember some funny memories, in a
match when I made a time-out and started to coach. I have seen that the opponent started to be
anxious and worried so much. Lately, his partner came and said to me, “you
are like a PC (computer), it’s like the program is well defined before”. 🙂 In my notebook, I also noted how to play and
counter various playing style, how to counter hitter, counter blocker, counter left-hand
player, or tactics against long pimples and anti-rubbers, or the best moment to time-out,
or how to control the pace of the match, many many my own observations. I highly recommend you, if you want to improve
in table tennis seriously, you should note your playing in a real match like me. Note your error, note your emotion, note why
you lose, why you win. You will discover and learn many things. My notebook is considered as my personal book
about table tennis tactics and strategy. That’s is for the low playing level. At the high level, the tactics are even more
important, where the technique gap between the players are very small, the pace of the
game is quicker. That’s the tactics and the experiences of
the coach will decide the outcome of the match. Without Liu Guoliang, the China Team can’t
get such success for a long time. The difference between Strategy and Tactics The strategy is the training method for a
long term, and it is used to develop your play style. For example, if you want to be a forehand
topspin attacker, you should focus on the topspin and counter attack techniques at mid
distance. The coach should have a strategy to improve
your strength and reduce your weakness in a long run. It depends only on your playing style. While, the tactic is the optimal way to win
in a real match. It depends not only on your playing style,
but also on the opponent’s playing style. The coach should quickly identify the weakness
of the opponent, and give you the best tactics to win the match. A tactic is only for a specific situation. Chinese coach is well known for his quickest
adaptation to the tactics variation in the real match. The fundamental concept in table tennis tactics In my previous Ping Sunday “How to serve”,
I showed to you that the Forehand dominant players want the ball returned to his left
side. It seems illogical to most of you. Dawid asked, “if you are the forehand dominant
player, you want the ball to go to your forehand”. So let me introduce to you the fundamental
concept in table tennis: “the potential situation”. In table tennis, there are 3 situations that
you should know. 1) The neutral situation: It’s the situation
of the exchange between your weakness and the opponent weakness or your strength counter
the opponent strength. Such as Forehand to Forehand, or Backhand
to backhand rally. So if the two players are at the same level,
no one has a higher potential, higher chance to win. 2) The favorite situation: It’s the situation
that you will use your strength (for example Forehand) to play with the opponent weakness
(using Backhand). So you have a higher chance to win the point. It’s like the electrical potential in physics. You are at the higher position, and gain the
advantage over the opponent. 3) The domination situation: It’s the situation,
that you have an absolute higher chance to win. For example, you attack while the opponent
is out of position, or you smash the ball, and the opponent is in the defend situation. So that is the moment that you will win the
point. Now, come back to your question. Why Ma Long prefers that the ball returned
to his left side rather than on his right side? Why the best-attacking shot of the Forehand
dominant player is the pivot attack at the left corner? It’s because that he wants to keep the favorite
situation. You can clearly see that Ma Long has changed
from the “favorite situation” (attacking with his Forehand) to the “domination situation”
(smash kill the ball to finish the point). So what happens if you are the forehand dominant
player, and you use the reverse pendulum serve to make the ball returned to your wide forehand
(as the logic of some players). Now, the ball goes to your forehand, and you
must move and attack the ball with your favorite forehand. But then, if you can’t win the point, and
the opponent will block/ drive the ball to your wide backhand. And now, you are in trouble. You return the ball with your weakness (your
backhand) and the opponent is in the “favorite situation” and control the rally. He continues to attack and has a higher chance
to win the point while you are in the defend situation. Now if you use the pendulum serve like Ma
Long, and make the ball returned to your left side. You pivot and attack the ball with your Forehand. Then, no matter where the ball is returned
(to your left or to your right), you can always attack the ball with your Forehand. That’s the way that you are always in the
“favorite situation”. In Chinese philosophy about tactics, there
are 2 principles that you must know. 1) Once you are in the “favorite situation”,
you should keep this situation as long as possible. That means, once you attack first with your
strength (your forehand), you should use the forehand for all of the next rallies. In fact, you can use your forehand to cover
a wide range of the table. 2) If you are in the “favorite situation”,
you should finish the point by changing the “favorite situation” to the “domination situation”. Look at this example, to do that, attack to
the wide forehand, and then next shot to the wide backhand. And you are in the “domination situation”
now. With the concept of “potential situation”
in table tennis, you understand why I have said that “using the pendulum serve if you
are the forehand dominant player”. This serve will make the ball returned more
to your left side, and you are always in the “favorite situation”. If you are the backhand dominant player, you
will want to use your backhand (your strength) to cover a wide range of the table. You might think that, hey, I will use the
pendulum serve, so the ball is returned to my wide backhand and then I will attack with
my backhand. Wrong! Because if you can’t win the point directly,
the opponent blocks the ball to your wide forehand, and then you are in the bad situation
and will lose the point later. The correct tactic is using the reverse pendulum
serve, so the ball is returned more to the right side, to the middle of the table where
you are standing. And now, you are in the “favorite situation”,
you can use your backhand attack continuously until you win the point. Now, you understand why the Chinese players
always have a higher chance to win the match. Because they master the situation tactics. They are always in the “favorite situation”
first. And slowly, from “favorite situation”, they
convert to the “domination situation” to win the point. Slowly but surely. This is the fundamental concept, and very
important. That’s why this Ping Sunday is a special edition. If you find this tutorial has high coaching
quality that you can find nowhere on the Internet, you should share to your friends, your teammates. I hope this video is the first step that leads
you to understand the amazing tactics in table tennis. See you, coach EmRatThich.

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100 thoughts on “Table Tennis Strategy to Win”

  1. I can't get enough spin on my pendulum serve. I try very hard.
    I can do reverse pendulum serve with lot of serve.
    what to do
    I try to copy Zhang Jike style

  2. an amazing video as always.. i have a question for you i would your help in. i have a problem in deciding the amount of backspin on a push .. sometimes it's not heavy so the ball flies off the table .. sometimes it's heavy backspin and i think it's not so i close the racket angle and it goes into the net.. any suggestions?

  3. Thank you for answering in video. After thought and analysis i must say that you are right. For me as fh dominant player is easier to finish the point from fh corner BUT when i dont finish it, usually i lost control and mostly lose that point. Because my attacking initiative has ended. I get it now 🙂

  4. Hi, would you be able to do subtitles everywhere? I will be grateful to you, otherwise I can not study without them, I always look with great pleasure at your lessons))

  5. I go for the pendulum serve and get it returned too wide BH so I have to use backhand (weakness). I can't pivot because it is too wide. What should I do. Serve underspin or nospin? Thank you!

  6. It would be really nice from you to upload a pdf format of your notebook. I think I would love to read it 🙂

  7. Why exactly does Fan Zhendong mostly use the regular pendulum serve instead of the reverse in his recent matches?

  8. very good coaching! thank you for sharing, hope there will be more videos explaining chinese tactics philosophy later on.

  9. Do You have any good strategy for Defenders players? How to win a match as a modern defensive player using pips rubbers on oneside mostly backhand and regular inverse rubber on forehand, do you have any good tactics for serve and return serve too? thanks 🙂

  10. I love this video because I love table tennis and I cant give all my time or money to remember all the things I learned in my 5 years playing
    So thank you for the reminder and keeping me sharpyou really are a great coach,
    thanks coach EmRatThich

  11. Hi, would you make sometime a new tactics and strategy video for advanced players? I know that it's harder, but I would be happy to see patterns to practice.

  12. Coach EmRatThich, thank you for yet another great video.  Do you think you can make a video on Miu Hirano?  She just won over three top Chinese national team players.  And many people think that the significance of her victory is on how she won them.  From my understanding, she focuses a lot on aggressive fast loop (on the top of the bounce) so reduce the preparation time for the powerful Chinese forehand loops.  And she always places the ball with extreme wide angles so the Chinese can not use their favorite and consistent forehand or backhand skills easily.  In addition, she can serve really well, with both power and variations.  This reduces the chance for the Chinese players to use the receive and attack tactic.  Thus giving her the chance to open up with powerful fast loop and wide angle landings.  You might have more insights on her playing style and tactics.  Hopefully you can make a video on her.  She is a game changer.  Thank you!

  13. Hi Coach, great lessons today, it was not obvious but now it makes real sense. It all starts because of the original position of a right handed player against a right handed players which is the most common situation. It works because the forehand has the most reach and it is usually the stronger shot. Coach, you can use your experience notes and write a table tennis strategy book, I will be your first customer! Write it and sell it on Amazon!

  14. Very good, I am a forehand dominant player but I use to do the reverse pendulum serve… I am trying to change to normal pendulum (I am not so good doing that serve) so I can attack deeper, I tried so the last week but with no good results. I want to put this theory to work, it should work for me too.

  15. greetings emratthich Im kinda curious as an amateur player.
    im a forward spinner player

    When I play my forehand stroke it makes a sidespin instead of topspin thats why it confuse my opponent because it looks like a topsin ball but I want to know how to topspin the ball instead of sidespin .

    what should I do?should I do a shadow stroke in practice?
    but I want to maintain my forehand stroke with sidespin to confuse my opponent

    can you help me???
    BIG thank you if you can reply or give a explanation/video on how to do it.

  16. every time after i watch your video i just said to myself "AHH, THAT'S WHY". amazing!! truly amazing. keep it up.

  17. thanks for explaining, but come on – for even amateurs, whether we return the serve left or right doesn't really depend on the incoming spin anyway – it's so easy to overcome the serve spin and push to the other side. A VERY SIMPLE example, serving pendulum – it's VERY common for receiver to push to server's short forehand, and pretty easy too. So much for the favorite position. come on.

  18. When it comes to table tennis strategy, table tennis players who have never read or never heard of such a book on the world’s top players written by Ichiro Ogimura (荻村伊智朗, 1954 & 1956 WTTC men’s singles champion from Japan) in the 1970’s don’t know what they are missing. It's a classic, the first and the best of its kind. By the way, any great table tennis strategy must be based on two key principles of deception and surprise. ★★★★★

  19. how to return side spin serve and how to return serve when you don't know what type of spin is in the ball, please help

  20. Thanks for the good video. In fact being the fh player myself and serving both pendulum and reverse serves I have noticed that I win more points with regular pendulum serves, which seemed illogical, I was taking it for granted and considering that my reverse serves were just not good enough. But now I see the real explanation.

  21. Great lesson but it has one unclarity – why the opponent is forced to return where we expect??? Opponent can return the same serve to the left or to the right by just rotating his body a bit side to side. Or does it mean not spiny enough serve?

    I am so tired of hundreds of the same videos about how to hit, I want more videos like this – where to hit and why to hit!
    Best tactics video I have seen so far!

  22. Hey coach, I have a problem with changing from FH to BH. Also I seem to transition from dominating with the BH to dominating with the FH and opposite…

  23. Really good work, coach. You sure know your table tennis. Do you have any strategy, or tactics, how to win as a modern defender, because most of coaches and tutorials talk about how to beat them

  24. Hey, just looking for some advice. The season before this one my confidence was really high, i won 52/56 in my local league and 26/28 in my areas national junior league and we won division 1. I had this guy who was very good tactically for me, rubbish for emotional side of it. But in all fairness he helped.

    However last season my confidence dropped massively as I went up to div1 in local league. I won 30% of my matches and beat some players who were on 90% averages but in general my focus was not the same and was not enjoying or improving in my training with the coach I have.

    I'm setting my sights on next season and I'm working on physical and building up my confidence again. But tactically i need to get better again. My forehand in my strength like ma long. Can you recommend specific serves and tutorials I can use some I can try implement my strategy? I always struggled to flick wrist fast enough when serving

  25. The cover is a top female defensive player from Korea Seo Hyo Won but your tactucs is about atacking player only, LOL

  26. such a great video on tactics. probably needed by any player whoever wants to up his game. How about a lefty player against right handers? is favourite and domination sides are same for left hander forehand specialist against righty?

  27. hi coach we love you….thanks a lot for videos….. Can you  shown some tactics on a few table tennis matches (Pre-tactical situation post-tactical situation) ıf you do this video I think it will be great for everyone….thanks a lot again

  28. so tomahawk for BH dominant players and rev. tomahawk for FH dominant players? I know tomahawk serve is used less but I mostly use the rev. tomahawk so players will play it to my backhand and I am FH dominant

  29. Coach, saya berencana mendirikan komunitas dan menjadi pelatih resmi Tenis Meja di Provinsi saya di Indonesia.
    Saya tidak akan pernah melupakan jasa besar Anda, juga saya ingin banyak tahu tentang Anda. Waktu demi waktu.
    Terima kasih banyak, my great one and only😅 table tennis Coach in this earth. 😀

  30. Thank you for making these videos. I had a few coaches in US and spend lot of money and I didn't learn as much as from your work. Amazing !!!
    In 2 weeks watching and applying 5 key point my rating went 200 points up. Please continue with your great videos!

  31. Thank you so much , this material is really very good , the advices given here and the certain theory pass confidence for the table tennis student . I will sure reflect more and see again the video

  32. Using your strategy and tactics, I've been able to beat players very easily, where I was struggling. Thank you!

  33. Thanks for your videos! I (and lots of other people for sure) appreciate that you share your knowledge for free as it should be if we want to growth and thrive as human beings in this world.

  34. Thank you very much for describe these situations and tactics. I will keep check your videos for ever.
    I have study a few year many many hours every week and know the most but your tactics and descriptions is
    very interesting to follow and I have already tried a few and they really works. But really hard touse them at every ball, but in startof a match or in breaks and in bad situation I have to stop and rethink and use some of these tricks and tactics.
    Many times I have won matches already down 0-2 and won 3-2 caused by your videos. For sure its very hard to be consistant and use them with understanding but many of your videos helps me depending mostly on the other player style as you desribed in another video. When understand the other player first THEN, its possible to adjust small things to take over the control of the balls. 🙂 thanks keep do more videos and tactics.
    My worst enemy is when I meet players that push the ball hard underspin against body after my serve and I have to move and do not get the time to turn and use Forehand. Of course the tactics is to serveother types of serve but if I want to serve side or side topspin good players see the spin and this is what happens 🙂 So. I keep the serves now short mostly and spread and go for the flip or psuh after my own serve to hope for an opening shoot with forehand or backhand directly after.

  35. Hello EmRatThich!
    I have a really big problem. When I do a serve (good one) then I get a perfect return to attack. I can go for no spin serves sometime and then I get a smash position or loop position.I attack it and the next shot I get a even better position for me but I totally miss it or I even miss the first opportunity. And it happens only on matches. Another thing is that I get really afraid when we do loop vs loop. Example backhand Vs backhand many times and I don't know when the opponent will change and shoot to my forehand. And then if I take that one on my FH he can go back or keep doing me stressed. And I get really frustrated because I am much better then them in real but I can not do it. In the trainings I feel I play like Ma Long but when going for matches I get totally lost. Table tennis is the fastest sport and it is played on a small table compared to football. This makes it reflexes the hardest thing to do for me. I would say that I am good at serving but can't keep the rally because I get stressed out. And usually on my training we don't do random drills so much. But I will ask them.

    So I want to know how to keep the good ball and don't get it into the net or somewhere else bad when smashing or looping. I also want to know how to change BH and FH during loop rally. This is the step that I think I need to become the better player in my club. I am going to try to get into the national championship if I can and I only have 6 months on my self to prepare my self. Exactly on my birthday the qualification to the nationals will be hold.

    These keypoints are really important to me. I know I can beat anybody but I get to afraid. My teammates are so afraid and they say "you are better and you will win" I also have that feeling that I should win but I am really bad at keeping my self in good condition. I can lose to a beginner because of this problem.
    I will try my best!

    You are the best table tennis coach I seen on the internet! I just love your videos and I am really thankful for this really good quality.
    Hope you answer even though your schedule.
    Thank you so much! /Dima

  36. yo i really appreciate these videos man!!! thank you for making them, i've have already made my game better by understanding a lot of things you shared with us in your videos. keep up the good work! and dont worry if you cant publish videos too often, good things take time to be made! cheers

  37. Thank you EmRatThich! I had been playing without knowing anything about the tactics in table tennis, but with this lesson you gave me the key for understanding them.

  38. What type of rubber do you recommend for a beginner player, you had mentioned hard sponge and a tacky rubber, what are your equipment recommendations for beginners? Cheers from south Texas.

  39. You mention that you helped people with tactics against pimples. Can you do a video about that for intermediate (non-professional) players?

  40. I lose a lot of points while trying to attack with backhand. If I start serving reverse pendulum to opponent's forehand, I get to keep my favourite stance. Is my understanding correct ?

  41. The key to winning consistently long term is to lose a lot at the beginning. This will acclimatize players to losing (and everything associated with losing) followed by introspection and analysis of the reasons for the loss and developing whatever needs to be done to address those reasons. Focusing solely on winning is counter-productive, creates pressure on players. It helps to stay detached in competition. As in the immortal words of the great Bruce Lee – " I do not hit – IT hits all by itself".

  42. you are very best teacher. but please make a video of improving forehand topspin at heavy spin. please upload video as soon as possible , Thank you

  43. hello coach and thanks a lot for your awesome videos,they were very helpful to me. Well I play with (butterfly tamka 5000 blade),(donic coppa Jo platin rubber) on forehand, and(yasaka mark 5 rubber) on backhand,and the backhand rubber is not supporting me to play offensive. So can you suggest me a rubber and please tell some of the strategies for a left handed offensive player.

  44. Is my set up okay? My blade is Stiga hybrid NCT, forehand rubber is DHS Hurricane 3 Neo and on backhand is Yasaka Mark V ( I remember you said that soft rubbers are weak. And I think I should change it ) Thank you 🙂

  45. Hey I am a novice player but have improved drastically thanks to your videos. Specially how relax, explode, relax techniques and how to include position of right arm and wrist action. Thank you so much!!!! Keep doing your thing and i will recommend this videos to all my friends!!! Question, for new players like me, how do you learn to return service from a more skilled opponent?

  46. I like bove side bh and fh but if I do pendulum people just play that to my forehand with strong what I can do? I am from Czech And I am twelve years old

  47. Hi Coach EmRatThich,
    Recently, i watched Fan Zhendong vs Liam Pitchforld match, World Team Cup In the first set, FZD lost. From the second game, he switched to Reverse Pendulum Serves, instead of the Pendulum Serves. And, he could crack Liam down. I think, because of Liam's extraordinary Backhand, Fan changed to the Plan B. He played with the Serve and Attack Plan B(Reverse Pendulum Serves). Now, the question is, how many Serve and Attack Plans should a player have? I have only Plan A (Pendulum Serves and Attacks), but I am looking forward for the Plan B, like FZD, after watching the match. I do know that there may never be too many Serves and Attack Plans, which may create a mess, in a given situation and dilemma may cover the mind. I never have seen a player who does variety of serves and win, because of it, too.
    So, i think you are the coach, who can give proper guidance to all of us. If possible, please make a video, too.
    Thanks a lot, Sir!

  48. My strategy

  49. Help give some tip and how to mentally strong or stable plz hurry up pls help with a video comon i want to be upcoming player

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