hello everybody welcome to math Academy Channel today I want to show you table tennis tactics serve an attack in fact master first the amateur table tennis player we don’t know much about the table tennis tactics but the table tennis tactics very very important so you know that why the Chinese table tennis team is very strong because they have a very good coach Lou : he is a genius in table tennis tactics and he has saved many many match for the player Chinese player in the big tournament and for you the image by Mattel table tennis player you should understand your style you must know what is the strengths and what is the weakness of your style today I will show you the most effective tactic to serve and attack but how to serve and how to attack it’s very important table tennis tactics will increase your table tennis and you understand the mechanics of the games the mechanics of a table tennis so I think you should watch this video carefully so there are two type so in general you must use your service as your set up tuned to attack and attack easy your winning condition so the service is based on your attack so you must understand that self is a set up tune so in general there are two type winning condition for hand attack hybrid and quick like an attack so first if you are the forehand favorite attacker so if you are for an attacker your winning condition are powerful for an attack to the opening backhand corner 50% and powerful for an attack – white forehand for me table 20% for variation – surprise and powerful attack mostly pie but soap I thought is you attack on your backhand corner with your forehand that does eat pie but so pivot use your forehand at the backhand corner so this ties is generalized by Milan Milan is the forehand favorite attacker so you must think like that you must think that your service is to set up your forehand attack and you must read the opponent’s eye and think about the tactics before serving before doing your service very important if you use this step you will improve your table tennis and you will understand oh this is my style this is the opponent’s time and you control the match very important so I will analyze the situation that so okay so in this stage you are the strong for Hinata you prefer prefer two pivots at your backhand corner so if your opponent prefer me turn your surface with his backhand for example he pushed the ball free to go so you should serve me long and long to the backhand corner because it yourself long 80% of the ball return will be returned to your backhand side now you know that the ball is long you know that the ball is wrong and the world we will to your backhand corner so you should ready to use your favorite forehand hi peanuts so that’s why you will set up your game serve me long awesome belong to the backhand corner in the opponent will use it is backhand to free to push the ball so this is the best way to attack so the Chinese team as master this tactic so you understand why the Chinese player always find a solution in our difficult situation and that is the intelligent that is the system of do : the coach is very important intelligence and if your opponent prefer return your service with his forehand now now don’t serve wrong because if you serve long w attack they will pilot your ball the cue ball so now very change your service 80% softball to inspect hand and 20% long ball to his far for him to surprise him to catch him out now the return ball will mostly place in the at the middle or at your forehand side now he pay yourself to counter the long return ball and to counter-attack is return with your phone in okay so nasty this is a good way to set up your service to set up your attack and they can’t attack your service because you very 8 you change the service 80% soft ball to his backhand and 20% long ball to this final forehand or his elbow his mid-table and now the ball will mostly go to your meat table the middle of the table and your forehand some now you use your powerful for him to attack and kill the ball so this is a very good technique if the opponent has weak backhand and they use forehand to in turn yours the ball not your service and now if you are a backhand quick attacker you can further use your backhand as a winning condition your forehand is strong – but your back again is more stable more consistent thus is your case that is your side so you must understand your winning condition if you are the backhand favorite attacker your winning condition are quick backhand attack to the opponent backhand corner and variation of placement in rotation of the ball is your winning condition 80% to the backhand corner in 20% to the mid table and the forehand for valuation so the steady and quick backing attack close to meet distance that is your side you will use your pick and study back and attack free and quick punch the ball all over the table so this is a quick style and you sometimes you can add the skin like for example you can look the ball such as jungjie curve and or you can quick attack over the table so this is your time so if this is the style is can be considered as quick attack backhand because if you use the backhand you cannot generate much power as the forehand so the winning condition is quick and steady and consistency you must remember that don’t make error you spin to add in every ball so you will win the game if the open refer return the service if it’s backhand so he is he has a rather strong backhand he can push in feet so you must serve long sometimes off-speed sometime knows people variation to the backhand corner so because you played backhand backhand toes logic that yourself long go to the backhand his backhand corner so 80% the return door we go to your backhand corner and now you can attack with your favorite quick back in attack to his backhand to this elbow mid-table or surprise consistency is the key okay so because your opinion they don’t attack with his forehand to use his backhand so you can sell flow long you can serve long ball to his backhand and they never pilot pivot and now you use back end to back and this is your game this is your plan because backhand backhand attack is your strength with your favorite game so you must understand the system and now you will control the match so and use 20% of the service to graduate – very – variation for the variation with your service so sometime shot to his forehand to catch out the opponent for the surprise so I think is a very good tactic and and now if the opponent prefer to return your short service with forehand they laugh keyboard that is backhand corner so your opponent is a forehand player now you don’t serve long because they may kill the ball with this forehead now if so what mostly short shots – this meat and his wife forehand so now you must with this service the opponent must move they move they get out of his office of their favorite position yourself under skin and Sun spin and variation with no spin so now most of the return ball will go to your meat and your backhand because you serve salt and size speed to this forehand so it’s difficult to push or to flick the ball and mostly the ball will go to your meat and your backhand and now you can use your favorite packing to attack to flick and to knock the ball this is your favorite game advanced technique you can serve reverse pendulum as junggigo for more formal effects so science team will make the ball mostly go to you to your backhand and it is hard to keep the ball short because the ball with side spin less energy so the ball with side spin will mostly go long and so me long to your back end and now you can look and how to attack with your backhand so this is a very good tactic strategy in table tennis you must master and understand Stein okay so have fun and enjoy embrace it gaming channel let me show you another tactics is very important in table tennis so subscribe and you will find another good table tennis video have fun team [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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  1. I am backhand dominante player,I am right handed player and I am 14,I am 30 in my age country,can you help me with some tactics please?

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