Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Backhand topspin technique is an important
stroke in table tennis. Because of the physical obstruction, you can’t
hit your backhand as strong as the forehand, but the backhand attack is performed quickly
and close to the table. Without a good backhand attack, you can’t
survive in the modern table tennis. Today, I will explain the backhand topspin
close to the table performed by Zhao Yiyi from chuantt. Table tennis
topspin is performed in front of your body. To do it properly, you need to drop your racket
down and folding your abdomen. The advantage of backhand topspin is the speed. It’s not as powerful as the forehand attack,
but with a backhand drive or backhand topspin, you can control the pace of the game. Put your elbow forward and use your elbow
as the axis of rotation which generate the power of the stroke. Drop your racket down, accelerate and hit
the ball at it’s highest position. Follow throw and come back to the natural
position. The key point of the backhand topspin is the
consistency and speeds. Don’t hit too hard, but hit it quickly. 3 tips to take away:
1. Use your wrist for this stroke. The wrist is placed in the middle of your
body and the ball. Brush the ball at the position of 2 o’clock. 2. Because you hit the ball in front of your
body, don’t rotate your hip like the Forehand topspin, but just lower your knee, and bend
your abdomen. This action is quick and can add power to
your backhand topspin. 3. Don’t open too much your elbow, keep your
elbow at the center of your body. If you open too much, the ball can go to the
side of the table, and you don’t have enough time to fold the elbow for the next shot. Learn to control the ball with spin and consistency
first. And then, drop your racket down further, and
accelerate to add more power later. That’s it for today. We have totally 10 lessons from our beautiful
coach Zhao Yiyi. See you next lesson. Coach EmRatThich.

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14 thoughts on “Table Tennis Lessons: Backhand Topspin Technique”

  1. Hi EmRatThich!
    I love your videos and they really help me!
    I am trying to get into the school table tennis team and I have been considered. However, in April, they have decided to run a year group competition. I am struggling with my service and defensive play. Please can you give me tips or make a video on how to improve this two aspects of my game. I am a right handed attacking player.
    Thanks for your videos!

  2. Hello from Brazil!
    Coach, i don't understand the part about keep the elbow in center of the body. Can you explain me?

  3. My coach tells about circular motion of this shot, but is it more oval in nature (from back to forward), thank you. It is a very elusive motion and I can't get it!

  4. Coach you didn't say anything about the free arm. Shouldn't we get forearm up? Because every pro's free arm is up. I think it's an important part for balance and its making easy to turn torso when we hit the ball. Am I wrong? Turning a bit torso is increasing power right? Please correct if I'm wrong and explain the mechanism. ☺

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