Welcome back to the channel of coach EmRatThich. You may watch the video “Kid
from another planet”. Amazing battle between Iwaida (red) and Watanabe
(blue). They are the first grade kids (only 6 years
old). It was the final battle in 2016. This year, in the National Japan League 2017,
this “kid from another planet” has come back. Iwaida (now 7 years old) in blue, will play with Nakano
(8 years old). Iwaida wants to get the Gold Medal in the Olympics for Japan. 🙂

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Dennis Veasley

18 thoughts on “Table Tennis: Kid from Another Planet (part 2)”

  1. Can you make a video for each type of playing style? An example being brands, and name of blade/rubber that should be used.

  2. It's wonderfull! They have a good "in pai" and footwork at this young age. Table tennis will be incredibely fast and smart. When you see video of 1980 it's a poor level now and i take care of the material evolution.

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