Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today is Sunday 30/04, our Ping Sunday. Footwork in table tennis is extremely important. Footwork is the key of table tennis. Today, we discuss the Chinese philosophy about
footwork. Many amateur players don’t know how to move
correctly. They just stand at the same
position, or just move after hitting the ball. This way, they will never improve. Today, is
the 1st video about “How to do the quick and precise footwork” in table tennis. You can see that footwork is a big question of many
of you. Without the good
footwork, you can’t get into the the optimal position, you can miss the ball, make
many unforced errors. However, with a good footwork, you are always
balanced and can hit faster, stronger, or sooner. So footwork is the key of any stroke techniques
in table tennis. Footwork is the first thing you need to improve,
because it will improve the quality of your shots, it is also the
key of the concept “power from the ground, hit by the leg” in Chinese philosphy. The first thing you need to change to
improve your footwork! You should change the way you put your weight
on your leg. I still remember during
my journey in China, I’ve asked a Chinese coach “How can you spot, identify quickly
who is a good player in table tennis?”. He answered, “Easily, just look at the way
he moves”. To move correctly, you should move on your
toe, but not on your heel. Look at the way how Zhang Jike moves and puts
his weight. He always moves on his
toe, and the heel is up high. Many amateur players do the wrong technique. All of
the weight is put on the heel, so the feet is flat and stuck to the ground. No, don’t do
that. Change it! Put all of the body weight to the toe, lift
the heel, don’t let it flat and stuck to the ground. This is the best way, and quickest way to
move in table tennis. Why Chinese players are so strong in
footwork? In Chinese philosophy, footwork is not only
the way the foot move to make you get into the position. Footwork is also the way you incorporate your
body (your hip, your waist, your shoulder) before and after you
hit the ball. So footwork is not only for the
leg but is also the whole body. You should understand that footwork is the
“work of the whole body”. In Chinese philosophy, footwork is not only
the way the foot move to make you get into the position. Footwork is also the way you incorporate your
body (your hip, your waist, your shoulder) before and after you
hit the ball. So footwork is not only for the
leg but is also the whole body. You should understand that footwork is the
“work of the whole body”. Before hitting the ball, the good footwork
will make you get into the best position, which allows you to use the power of all of
the body to hit the ball. That’s why the
quality of the shots of the Chinese players are very good because they have the best
footwork in the world. This is the Super Shadow Play performed by
31 different age young players on 18 tables at Sanwei Table Tennis Club in Beijing. The way these kids train the footwork is
so natural. They incorporate the movement of the legs,
the hip and the body into the shot. At the young age, this training is crucial. Because they will memorize quickly
these fundamental movements, and develop their technique later. If you are not young, and already have a bad
habit. It’s harder to change, but it’s
never late. Forget all of your techniques. And train from the zero. Learn these
fundamental movements, step by step. Repeat it every day. This is the only way if you
really want to improve your technique. Remember (10k rule): To master any skill in
the sport, you need at least 10000h of repetition and training. If you are not young, and already have a bad
habit. It’s harder to change, but it’s
never late. Forget all of your techniques. And train from the zero. Learn these
fundamental movements, step by step. Repeat it every day. This is the only way if you
really want to improve your technique. Remember (10k rule): To master any skill in
the sport, you need at least 10000h of repetition and training. How to train to have “quick”
footwork? There are many drills to train footwork. But this training “ladder drills” is the best
way to improve the agility of your footwork. You should do this drills every day, in your
daily basics. It takes only 5 minutes, with 7 exercises,
but your level will increase rapidly. Exercise 1: Step forward and backward training. You should do this at your table tennis
club with another players every training sesson. Each exercice is repeated 2 times. It
takes only 5 minutes. Exercice 2: “Pivot step”. Repeat this drills to make your foot faster,
lighter. Exercice 3: “Lateral jump”. Exercice 4: “Twisted”
Exercice 5: “Jump back” Exercice 6: “Small step”
How to train to have “precise” footwork? As I explained in the beginning. There is the best way for the footwork movement,
it’s called the “footwork pattern”. This pattern is the method to move, and position
your feet for each type of stroke. To have a precise footwork, you need to learn
this pattern. There are many types of stroke (forehand attack,
forehand dropshot, quick flip, forehand to backhand transition, backhand topspin,
backhand push, backhand chop, backhand two point attack, pivot step around,
forehand smash, block, push block, sideway position…). But in general, there are only 4
main footwork patterns, that you need to master. In the next video, I will explain the 4 most
important footwork patterns in table tennis that every player should learn. I will upload these full footwork drills if
you want to repeat in your daily training. That’s it for today. See you, coach EmRatThich.

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61 thoughts on “Table Tennis Exercises to Improve Footwork”

  1. Thank you for your support, all of your videos are very helpful for all of us who wants to improve in table tennis. I'm 45 years old and I'm training with all your videos. I'm watching your videos from Colombia South America. Keep teaching us the Chinese philosophy.

  2. Great video!!! Though i cannot agree with the 10 000h rule, this is just too much, and isn't correct at all. I think that the learning of skill has to do more with the quality of the learning rather than the quantity.

  3. 10k h rule is not protaining to learning something, it protains to becoming world class at the particular skill.

  4. You repeated that I should be on the toe. I knew this but never used it. I have some really good Swedish Coaches that said it to me. Swedish and Chinese philosophy are really similar. Thank You!

  5. The intro picture of Ryu Seungmin is not very representative :)) He has a very different footwork than Chinese players as he normally jumps with both feet to reach the far ball

  6. Hey EmRatThich, have you seen the anime "Ping Pong the Animation". You should watch it, it's really interesting.

  7. Too late i am 27 years old and its been 4-5 months since i learned table tennis techniques form you, I think i am already late i play because i like the game and try my best to copy those Chinese techniques but its hard to kill the bad habit

  8. u vietnamese , u must do subtitle for vietnamese and then u can do for other country
    i don't know why u are vietnamese ?

  9. I'm 16 years old and i have been playing for almost 4 years in an amateur club where i've just learnt the basics. However, your videos are really helping me to improve techniques fast. I always write down your advices and try things out in every training.
    Keep it up!

  10. Hello EmRatThich!
    I have a really big problem. When I do a serve (good one) then I get a perfect return to attack. I can go for no spin serves sometime and then I get a smash position or loop position.I attack it and the next shot I get a even better position for me but I totally miss it or I even miss the first opportunity. And it happens only on matches. Another thing is that I get really afraid when we do loop vs loop. Example backhand Vs backhand many times and I don't know when the opponent will change and shoot to my forehand. And then if I take that one on my FH he can go back or keep doing me stressed. And I get really frustrated because I am much better then them in real but I can not do it. In the trainings I feel I play like Ma Long but when going for matches I get totally lost. Table tennis is the fastest sport and it is played on a small table compared to football. This makes it reflexes the hardest thing to do for me. I would say that I am good at serving but can't keep the rally because I get stressed out. And usually on my training we don't do random drills so much. But I will ask them.

    So I want to know how to keep the good ball and don't get it into the net or somewhere else bad when smashing or looping. I also want to know how to change BH and FH during loop rally. This is the step that I think I need to become the better player in my club. I am going to try to get into the national championship if I can and I only have 6 months on my self to prepare my self. Exactly on my birthday the qualification to the nationals will be hold.

    These keypoints are really important to me. I know I can beat anybody but I get to afraid. My teammates are so afraid and they say "you are better and you will win" I also have that feeling that I should win but I am really bad at keeping my self in good condition. I can lose to a beginner because of this problem.
    I will try my best!

    You are the best table tennis coach I seen on the internet! I just love your videos and I am really thankful for this really good quality.
    Hope you answer even though your schedule.
    Thank you so much! /Dima

  11. thank you for this video. my son has been playing for 4 years now and over the last 1 and a half year he had a grow spurt which made his body a bit unballanced. when he was 10 he had 1 of the better footworks of the kids his age but now he mostly stands flat because he says it keeps him balanced. he also has difficulties getting low for the ball . i can try to get him to do the 7 excercise for the quicker footsteps but do you have other excersizes for him to get low for the ball. ( stands up to straight)

  12. Hey coach, what is your opinion regarding Breathing? Example, exhaling while doing anykind of stroke? Cause, in Biologyclass (as far as I can remember). While we're doing heavy lifting, pushing heavy object, etc. It recommends that we must exale. Is it related?

  13. these excercises will definetely make you faster, drills are the best way to get fast feet, will use those excercises before training. great video as always, keep teaching us table tennis ^^

  14. I like these videos that are part of a series. Do more of them! Do them on broad concepts like how you have in the past like this one( footwork) and how to hold your paddle.

  15. superb video,,i have been playing tabletennis for 2 years now, after a short beak of 20 years.since i started following and watching your videos, my technique has been improving a great deal.Thank you coach

  16. hey coach i have one question about the subject pg the video but i m bad to speak english but i see you speak french very well so :
    Est ce que courrir pendant 1 à 2 heures ou faire du fractionnee peut augmenter notre rapidité a la table si oui lequel privilégier ? merci or thank you 😉

  17. hey emrat,I really love your videos and am trying to apply them in my daily training routine.But I feel intense pressure in matches so can you give me some tips to handle mental pressure in a major table tennis match.

  18. Hey,

    I'm 14 year's old and live in switzerland, I'm half chinese and vietnamese.
    So my question to you is: I have a Donic Desto plus F1 2.00mm FH/ Tibhar Nimbus BH 1.8mm and a Tibhar IVL-L Balsa Bat. Im playing for like 2 years and what you think about my bat.. Should i buy another one? My trainer said in a little bit we go to a shop together and look for a new bat for you.
    1 Antwort auf YouTube ansehen
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    Profilbild von EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach
    EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach
    this bat is not good at all. IVL Balsa is not a blade to loop, topspin the ball, desto F1 is too soft. You should change it.

    So what should i buy for a bat for a good loop, topspin ball, which thick should i buy? Can you make me a good bat for me?

    Thanks Sensei👏

  19. Thank you emratthich for this! I don't on footwork at all, but I know it's very important, and because my dream is to become a pro player these videos are good thank you!

  20. I think I found a big leak in my real game situation. Instead of thinking wait until the ball have come closer I think come on win Dima win! This results in a less offensive game with errors like ball in the net. Can this be right? If it is can you say some tips to prevent this happening. Thank you very much

  21. Helo sir! Good day, I have see most of your video tutorial. I am so grateful for all the Chinese philosophy and concepts you shown us. It is really of great help for us table tennis enthusiast to enhance our skills and love in playing this game. Hope to seeing you more of your video clip and thank you for your untiring efforts and dedication in teaching us to speed up our skills in TT. My students will surely benefit a lot from all of your video clip for FREE. Thank you so much and more power. God bless your program.

  22. Thanks for your video, I am 89 and training from scratch on quick, correct and precise footwork in table tennis. But I'll probably end up in hospital soon

  23. I was thinking of a Ma Lin Extra Offensive with BH Rakza 7 2.0 and FH Rising Dragon Max. Then I though that would be too fast and I though instead of ma lin extra offensive I would buy ma lin soft carbon as it says it has more control. What do you think Extra Off or Soft Carbon. You said that it's better to have allwood and off or off-. In this case Soft Carbon is off I think. I am off- and off player I try to only play offensive. Could you say wich one I should go for SC or Extra off with BH 2.0 Rakza 7 and FH Rising Dragon Max
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!

  24. I am 11 year old and I have many years for tt so can you please suggest a effective way for my table tennis improvement.

  25. which exercises should be done for flexible and powerful hand/wrist? plus, how much time should be given to such Exercises, everyday or once per two days…
    your suggestions, please…

  26. Hello coach EmRatThich! Thank you for these videos and your advice. Your love for the sport and coaching is noteworthy and much appreciated! Could you upload the footwork drills videos please? You mentioned 4 drills but I could only find a part 1 and 2 of drills. I am trying to teach my son to move the right way. Thanks from New Jersey!

  27. 7:12, Coach, you spelled exercise wrong, you wrote *exercice*, it's actually exerci*s*e. Just correcting you.

  28. “At least 10,000 hrs of training for 10,000 techniques”, sooooo inspiring. Because of such inspirations, I have drastically improved my technique now. I’ve recently got the word “perfect” from my trainer for my forehand and footwork. Thank you coach Emratthich for all your wonderful lessons. Keep posting more🏓😍🙏

  29. thank you for this video its very helpful and now my footwork is improving and hit the ball properly. I've been playing about 6months now and I have no coach but I learn only on your videos.thank you coach

  30. Hey! My question is : if the chinise footwork is clearly an advantage why do european players don t use it? Epecially after so many decades of chinise dominance? I play tennis and in pro tennis as soon as a player shows a technical advantage is it quickly copied by the new generation of players.. many thanks.

  31. 4 types of footwork in table tennis: https://pingsunday.com/chinese-table-tennis-footwork/

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