Today we will show you how to apply booster
oil on a table tennis rubber The rubber we used today is hurricane 3,
this is a very common rubber to be used with booster After applying the booster,it can increase the speed,spin
and most importantly enhancing the feeling of ball control. There are many different types of booster in the market,we
will use this one. this one can last for around three months. First we brush a thin layer of glue onto the rubber Then we let it try Then we start applying the booster It is just like brushing the glue Make sure you don’t too much, otherwise,
bubbles will form . so a thin layer is just right. After finishing a layer, you should let it dry and
wait for twelve hours(or one day). You should let it completely dry before
you put on another layer Some people think two layers are enough.
Others think that it is still not soft enough,
and may put more layers.
But we do’t recommend putting more than 3 layers. You can see the rubber is now curved.
We can now put on another layer. It is just like the first time.
Brush it evenly. After finishing, you can let it dry. Then we can glue the rubber to the blade This is the 3rd day. Though it is already dry,
but it is two curly. So we recommend waiting
for another day before gluing the rubber Now we see the rubber is flatter now,
therefore, we can start gluing the rubber to the blade After putting on the glue,we then let it dry It is just like the normal gluing procedure Now we put the rubber to the blade. You see, the rubber actually becomes larger.
So we cut the extra rubber. To sum up, the booster can enhance the speed,
spin and feeling of ball control. Now it is finished and it can be used right away

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Dennis Veasley

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