Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Joseph
wants to know whether you can damage a table tennis ball by hitting it into a hard surface. Let’s do a bit of an experiment and see how
these table tennis balls hold up against a wooden wall and a brick wall. After 3 hits, it’s still holding up pretty
well. It still feels nice and smooth, can’t see any cracks appearing when smashing it
against the wooden wall. Let’s see what number 4 does. So, 4 smashes against the wooden wall and it
still holds up as good as new. So after 3 smashes against the bricks it’s
holding up pretty well. There is a little bit of a crack in there and I can feel that
the surface is quite rough now. It’s starting to really scuff it up. So we’ll give it one
more try. I’m afraid number 4 didn’t quite hold up so
it’s in half. Let’s take a look now at the 2 balls and how
they will play. So firstly the ball we used against the wooden wall. Hmmm, seems alright. Now, the one we used against the brick wall.
No good!

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Dennis Veasley

24 thoughts on “Table Tennis Ball Strength Test | PingSkills”

  1. hey.. it's a great job u people are doing.. I've been searching for table tennis fitness videos.. I couldn't find one! if u could do one I'll be grateful to u :)..
    if you have already done one please attach the link !

  2. Hello Alois

    I just bought a PG 7 considered a carbon blade.So I wanna ask you what rubber is suited for carbon blade

    Thanks.Hope you will give some advice 🙂

  3. When my opponent is going to play a power shot , i anticipate it towards my forehand side , but end up receiving it on backhand side , and it cant switch to it fast….Can you help me please Alois?

  4. hello pingskills I have a problem do you know how to do cut,loose,over spin service my coach said to learn it and I can't find any useful videos
    By the way great video

  5. Okay, so I just got my new premade 5-star tabletennis bat. The one problem I have with it is that it's rubber feels sticky, and it makes the bat sound weird.
    Is that something I can wash of or is it going away after some time playing with the bat?

  6. If i am allowed to give suggestion…Please put subtitles in the video…its so helpful for those who got problem with hearing…

  7. Thanks a lot guy..!!
    I love your videos …..!!
    I have learnt a lot from your channel……!!
    Thanks once again….

  8. So you're telling me as long as I don't smash my table tennis ball into a brick wall at point blank 4 times in a row I should be fine?
    Crazy :0
    haha loved the video!

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