Okay now we are going to talk about the backhand
push and how to play that stroke and Alois is going to take us through the main points
of that. So following on from our other lessons and other strokes, the things that we really
focus on and the starting position and the finish position of your bat. So you can see
that Jeff’s starting position is in front of his body and the bat is tilted up a little
bit towards the roof. The finish position is extending your arm down towards the table
and the bat is still facing up towards the roof. You will notice that the angle of Jeff’s
bat doesn’t change at all. So start position and through to the finish
position again keeping it as simple as you possibly can.One of the main reasons for the
push is to keep the ball nice and low over the net and to put the ball into a position
that’s difficult for your opponent. Try and make is difficult for them to make the attacking
stroke. When you are pushing you are trying to put
a bit of back spin on the ball. You can vary the amount of backspin by just changing the
angle of your bat from very flat where you will get very little spin to really coming
underneath the ball to get a lot more spin. By keeping the ball short over the net you
are stopping the other people from attacking because the ball is going to bounce two or
three times on there side of the table. Not allowing them to get a strong swing at the
ball. We hope that you have enjoyed these lessons
and if you have got something out of them then pop over to our website www.PingSkills.com
and pay for the lessons you decide how much . Your contribution will go to helping us
make some more videos.

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Dennis Veasley

38 thoughts on “Table Tennis Backhand Push Lesson”

  1. good thing about the push and the reason i use it because it allows me to slow down the game so i can set up for my next shot if im in a tight situation or i wanna kill my opponent!! lol

  2. that was kinda a backhand push what you did was a curve shot and you put an angle on your bat. At the angle you sliced in a certain direction which caused the ball to look like it was going to hit the ground and then hitting the table. That shot is used massively when balls hit table edges and other irregular shots.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. We have been listening to others who also like to see the slow motion shots and have incorporated these into many of our other videos.

  4. It is a defensive stroke mainly used when the ball has backspin on it, and you use it to make it difficult for your opponent to attack.

  5. Depending upon how you play a shot decides whether or not it is defensive( ex. if you serve short backspin and I push it fast and deep, you're not ready, my point–nothing defensive about that).

  6. Yeah thanks for the information. We now have a microphone so the sound quality should be a lot better in all of our newer videos.

  7. We are currently making a Training Secrets Revealed DVD that will show how to structure your training session and provide heaps of exercises to help you improve your Table Tennis. After that DVD returning serve is next on our DVD list. Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. We are in the process of putting together a short lesson featuring a penhold player so keep an eye out for it in the next month or so.

  9. This is a really good lesson,for begginers like me,and it really helps you to keep your opponent at a respectable distance.

  10. it's hard to hear the commentators voice during the demos. More voice volume and less table noise please.

  11. for me, i do not finish the whole movement of the arm… i usually do a shorter one and a more jerky movement (don knw if u get wat i mean)… which makes the spin much quicker, hence harder 4 d opponent…

  12. Great videos…can you make one specifically on return of (side spin and underspin short) serve. This is how a game starts and its difficult. I am left handed so maaybe you can have the lefty coach demonstrate..jeje thanks!

  13. Does anyone else notice that Jeff's push has a little lift at the end? Nice touch, if there is a heavy backspin on the ball and a normal push won't put it over the net the tiny lift motion at the end of his pushes will lift the ball up and over the net.
    If you've ever played a heavy chopper you'll know that a regular push won't get the ball over the net.

  14. Take a look at our videos on the forehand counterhit and backhand counterhit. Then take a look at the forehand topspin and backhand topspin. You can find these on our YouTube channel and on our website.

  15. My friend do the backhand push with little back spin and little side spin and i try to push it with backhand push and ball goes to net as i am a left hand what should i do????

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